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The Life of a Christian Essay - 1197 Words

In life we want to be the best, have the best of everything, and be surrounded by only the best people that can help us to achieve our desired goals. But as a Christian it takes more than just wanting the best, you have to put forward the effort, and follow the path that God has set forth. But unfortunately when you are a Christian, some things will get in your way, your faith can become tested, and your decision making can become clouded. But you probably ask your self why? You have love for your fellow Christians and have helped those that were less fortunate than you. So why are you the one that seems to keep struggling? When you are a Christian these things won’t last always, just look to the Father and He will direct your path.†¦show more content†¦(Gowdy, 2009-2010). But in life you have to make a moral decision about your self, and the world we live in. Ones character can say a lot about the person that he or she is. No two people are alike, there are those that think of no one but themselves, and will do anything to get the desired results. Their morals are tainted and they have no desire to change. I think Tyler Perry said it best† people are like trees, some have roots, some have branches, and some have leaves†. When you meet people they usually try to show you their best side. As long as you are the life of the party they will be like a leaf and hang there with you, those people are there only for what you have to offer them. When trouble comes your way and you need a helping hand, those that were willing to party with you become a branch and break and show their weak side. They were there just to take up space and never bring anything more into the relationship. But when you meet people that are willing to work along side you, they are the ones with morals and have more to offer you. They are your roots, and even though their numbers may be small, they will give you strength in times of sorrow, encouragement when your day seems to never bring sunlight, they will be your backbone in times ofShow MoreRelatedThe Christian Life896 Words   |  4 PagesThe Christian life is a discussion that the details of its description such as the definition, ground and power are not easy to explain. The scriptures paint a vast web of each author’s ideals on what the Christian life should be. For example, in I Corinthians 6: 1-8 we see Paul referring to the different standards that must prevail in the Christian community and then in Ephesians we see the distinction of Christians from the nations. (Hessert, 16) Every Christian has this picture of what livingRead MoreChristian Doctrines Of A Christian Life977 Words   |  4 Pagesorder to live a Christi an life and walk in the way that is pleasing to the Lord, we have to understand what the Bible is saying about fundamental Christian doctrines. There are plenty of denominations that take what the Lord is saying and interpret it in a way that fits their understanding. In this paper I will be talking about three controversial Christian doctrines which are baptizing babies, losing your salvation, and speaking in tongues in order to get to heaven. One Christian doctrine I doRead MoreMy Life As A Christian Essay1782 Words   |  8 PagesIn my personal life as a Christian it has not been easy at all in my forty-three years on the planet earth, I had struggle with issues dealing with a mental illness of bipolar disorder, which had and some days even today, though struggle can be seen and does has some affected both my mental state of mind but also parts of my life as well. But with dealing with the symptoms, throughout my life I had face the demon in the room so to say many times, and faced him down with the help of Christ. ThereRead MoreThe Inner Life Of The Christian Leader1361 Words   |  6 PagesTHE INNER LIFE OF THE CHRISTIAN LEADER Introduction We serve an awesome God. For those of us studying ministry however we quickly learn that there is more to Christian leadership than just loving God with all of our heart, mind and strength. It also requires a lot of discipline, hard work and perseverance. Unfortunately, we must learn that being called into Christian leadership does not promise us a trouble free life. One only has to turn on the television to see Satan’s attack on the churchRead MoreLiving An Authentic Christian Life1006 Words   |  5 PagesThe term Christian, literally meaning little Christ, should clearly express to every believer their ultimate goal. Everything a believer says, does and strives for should be unmistakably in line with the words, actions and goals of Jesus, as they daily strive to become more and more like Him. In order for this to happen there are two detrimental aspects that need to be considered. Character and service are two key ingredients in the life of one alive in Christ that go hand in hand as describedRead MoreThe Trials Of A Christian s Life889 Words   |  4 Pagesmy first semester in college comes to a close I feel blessed that I am able to write about the purpose of trials in a Christian’s life. Within this paper I ho pe to enlighten those who question the trials and difficulties that God gives us to face. By developing understanding that the reason for trials are to build up and test your faith, to help you mature as a Christian, as well as give new insight to something beyond your current circumstance. Testing of Faith God gives us trials that knock usRead MoreAntony Flew on Christian Life1823 Words   |  7 Pagesbacks on their once held beliefs to argue that (Christian) faith is unreasonable and without real substance. Rationality seems to be the source of every argument for the non-existence of God, and is often understood as inherently opposing to faith. However, the story of Antony Flew is one that atheists can and should not discard, as he experienced something very different. Born into a Christian family Flew grew up in the church and was exposed to Christian beliefs and customs. He never really found aRead MoreMy Life Of A Christian Home849 Words   |  4 PagesGrowing up in a Christian home, I attended church regularly with grandmother not always of my own free will, but it behooved me to go willingly, my grandmother â€Å"strong arm’ was my uncle frank who believe whole heartily spare the rod spoil the child and beat him and he will not die. (Tough love) So it was in my best in terest to put on a happy face. I would travel with Uncle Frank to revivals all across the state, I would feel the spirit of God tugging on my heart and not truly knowing what it wasRead MoreChristian Life And The Teachings Of The Bible1243 Words   |  5 Pagespersonal beliefs. I am a Christian since birth. So all I’d like to talk about is Christian life and the teachings of the bible. Throughout my whole life, I have learned about spiritual things and what kind of spiritual things are in my ego. The spiritual values that I always have is love, hope, and trust. Love is an element that Christians value and have in their Christian mind and the bible says to love each other. I am doing my best to understand this word throughout my whole life and it is the reasonRead MoreLife As A Christian Versus Buddhism2495 Words   |  10 PagesLife as a Christian versus Buddhism As a Christian you have taken on the likeness of Jesus Christ in the flesh. You are to walk and talk as he did when he walked the earth. But, as a Buddhist, you take on the likeness of a child that did not want to be a â€Å"god.† I will talk about the differences between Christianity and Buddhism and then give information on the matters. But, first we will have to understand the formation and beginnings of the two religions. Buddhism, which has been around for

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