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Analysis of statistical status of bank based in uae Statistics Project

analytic thinking of statistical status of bank based in uae - Statistics Project Examplee stratumly foodstuff charge on specific stock indicated in the companys archive for the year 2009/2010 ranges from 2.67 to 3.45 price (AED) while specific monthly fluctuations on a fundamental average consist of 2.71 in January, 2.83 in February, 2.67 in March, 2.97 in April, 3.01 in May, 3.02 in June, 2.88 in July, 3.07 in August, 3.21 in September, 3.33 in October, 3.45 in November and 3.37 in December. The price (AED) situated here is the mean monthly figure calculated and hence are prone to price fluctuations in between days to a relative degree of negative or overbearing pips. The price AED on these stocks show us two premiered fundamentals and grades which enables us to potentially establish a forthcoming prediction as to how the relative stock prices would behave in the coming annual year and how much return would an investor achieve through such calculations.The startle piece of evidence regarding this is the increasing trend of stock prices valued in AED. This inclination identifies that the stock prices on any amount of investment would morose benefit the investor and hence the ADX (Average directional Index) is an up move positive directed i.e. value inclined is greater that down move while value inclined 0 which clearly indicates that the ADX is a +DM and consequently as per J Welles Wilder a + DI on the fourteen day exponential touching average, J. Welles Wilder, Jr. (June 1978). The second most evident fact suggest two special(a) things, the first being that as the amount of fluctuations between the stock prices is relatively high hence the risk part involved is on the higher side as well consequently making an escalated percentage unbelief on the return investments. The second aspect of this hypothetical claim lies with the fact that the variance on this particular stock is altitudinous in nature i.e. to claim that while observing the February and December stock changes we whitethorn witness a decline in the Price AED hence suggesting the fact that mean

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Horizon ElectroniX is a start-up business located along Cardiff Bay Coursework

skyline ElectroniX is a start-up business located along Cardiff Bay - Coursework ExampleIt will also carry mobile phones and tablets. The trade strategies will focus on people who prefer higher-end electronic pieces. This particular market is perceived to draw great importance in their entertainment equipment and is open to spending and investing in these items for greater rank and long-term use. They prefer quality versus price, yet they will demand for value-for-money qualities. Horizon ElectroniX is a business under(a) sole proprietorship. The owner shall also per process the duties of a Chief Executive Officer, working with department managers and their staff. He will employ personnel who will be trained to perform their assigned duties, and create a corporate environment where there is ownership and pride in the business. The main business strategy is to form solid partnerships with distributors and manufacturers to be able to implement promotions and marketing activities th at are beneficial to both parties. The Purchasing, Inventory and merchandise Departments hold key responsibilities in ensuring the success of the company. Further, afterwards sales or customer service is effrontery as much regard as sales. prudence sees that they key to keep the clients coming back is to give way a highly skilled, knowledgeable and reliable after sales team to assist the customers in their requirements. Horizon ElectroniX is envisioned to be the market leader in computer, electronics and gadgets within Cardiff, UK. By focusing on its strengths, its customers and the cardinal values that they need, the company will establish market presence and reach gross sales to ?5M for the start three years of operations, while also improving on gross margins on sales and specie management and working capital. II. INTRODUCTION HISTORY AND BACKGROUND Horizon ElectroniX was created on the assumption that information engineering science is not an inherently a do-it-yoursel f prospect. Each gadget or electronic piece comes with a manual, whose contents are often not friendly to those not tech-savvy. Often times, new owners need the service or guide of an expert who will walk him through each function and characteristic, to enable them to be intimate and maximize each units use. Clients who are not exactly computer hobbyists need to visualize quality vendors of reliable hardware, software, service, and support. They see these trusted vendors as allies, whose professional expertise are even charge more than the gadget itself. The owners and management wishes to position Horizon ElectroniX as such a vendor. It aims to serve its clients as a trusted ally, to provide them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Management wants to make sure clients have what they need for their personal consumption, and also to run their businesses, with maximum efficiency and reliability. many of the companys information applicati ons are mission critical, so the management endeavors to give the clients an assurance that our after sales teams are always available to serve them. The companys keys to success are as follows 1. Offering after sales and service support with applicable charges. This puts premium into the company brand as a retailer. 2. Its strong inventory management policies. Horizon Electro

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Optional Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Optional - Essay Example chinaware has become so prevalent that it is a subject of discussion in the social, economic and political debates. One of the subjects has pertained to the position of china in regard to sustainability. This paper seeks to evaluate the position of china in regard to sinew and environmental sustainability. It had been ab initio argued that the world was transforming to the positive. Dramatic industrialization, urbanization and strive for economic stability among countries and regions were conspicuously cited as evidences of trending development. However, it was non until the modern decades that these perceptions shifted. This was majorly triggered concerns for the environment. The dominant suasion has been that sustainable development is never achievable without environmental conservation and management. Indeed, the same view has dominated the energy subject that countries that are concerned about realizing sustainable development must not only diversif y energy resources, but also limit demand and drug addiction while move green energy. Undoubtedly, this should also be considered as the premise of evaluating chinawares economic development. In this evaluation, rationality the state of Chinas energy consumption is crucial in understanding how unfavourable the energy situation is. It is also pivotal in offering information about the future trend. The rest of the headspring only leads in comprehensive determination of the criticality of the energy demand and consumption, especially considering that energy gist cannot be addressed effectively explored when limited within the Chinas border. If the situations happen to be critical and Chinas policies are well informed by the decisions that reflect the criticality, the inference would be that China is fit to reach great heights of success. The Economic state of China, Energy demand and Consumption China has become so popular that it is a subject of discussion in the social, econom ic and political debates. It was the essence stage of the 2006 Davos Economic Forum discussions. Within that period, as meaning(a) as 50 percent of the global leaders visited china (Yin & David, 2006). Even as the West views China as an obstruction environmental sustainability, it may seem that Chinas upward economic trend may be limited by the dynamics in the global energy supply and consumption. Accounting for a population of as meaning(a) as 1.4 billion people and realizing development at a rate of over 8 percent, as from 1970, the energy demand and consumption for China has been surging. This has been necessitated by the expansion of commercial, as well as industrial sectors. The impact of rising living standards of households on energy demand and consumption can also not be overlooked. In the last decade, China was considered as the second largest energy product consumer, coming aft(prenominal) the United States of America. It has now overtaken United States (Swartz & Sh ai, 2010). The country consumes over 1.7 billions of coal tonnage (Rubin, 2012). China accounted for as significant as 32 percent of the global cola consumption, 11 percent of hydro-electric power consumption, 8 percent of global oil consumption and 1 percent of the global gas consumption, in 2003. This energy consumption is obviously enormous. Even intriguing is the fact that the share of energy consumption

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MIH548 - Theory Based Research - Mod 1 SLP Essay

MIH548 - Theory Based Research - stylish 1 SLP - Essay ExampleSince these are chromic acquired diseases, these are preventable. Again current research has indicated that physical performance should be promoted as a frequent health measure in order to prevent these conditions, and absence seizure of many of these conditions in itself is physical eudaemonia. However, public health policies have failed to promote physical activities in a large scale across communities, and thus there must be a gap in understanding these barriers in implementation. This calls for a theoretical research in order to update the current intimacy and to identify any gap in the knowledge, so a practical guideline for the physical activity promotion may be created.In order to do that three studies on the topic of friendship between physical activity and wellbeing will be chosen for critical review, so a summary of theory of this association can be made found on these studies. Thus based on key words phys ical activity and wellbeing a literature search was conducted in the ProQuest database, and three very recent articles were identified to critically review them in order to establish the association. Since wellbeing is a term that is succession nonspecific, the selection criteria would include research done on any age group. Some mental health studies were located which correlated between physical activity and mental health, and it was obstinate that at least one study will be included in the review which examines public health implications of physical activity from the mental wellbeing point of view.The objective of this study was to examine the effect of 17 weeks of micronutrient supplement as opposed to physical exercise on the psychological wellbeing in the elderly population. The sample chosen was a group of 139 frail elderly subjects who were living in separate living facilities. All the participants at baseline were physical inactive due to frailty with either weight uni t loss or body mass index of less

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Rock and Roll vs Rap Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

oscillate and Roll vs Rap - Essay ExampleSoon the American rock style began to influence opposite genres. Places like Southern California produced their own varieties of pop music, such as surf. Young adults and teenagers across the uncouth were playing in amateur rock bands, laying the roots for local scenes which would pave the way for store rock and the so-called San Francisco Sound. Rock has encountered several stages of development since the beginning of the 50s, and the tendencies in modern rock admit alternative bands (Radiohead, Muse), so-called pop-rock (Blink-182, Green Day) and others (George-Warren 26).Rap music in its widely recognized form appeared a lot later than rock and roll. The roots of hip hop music are in West African and African American music. Originally, early rappers of the 70s focused on introducing themselves and others in the audience (the origin of the still familiar practice of shouting out on hip hop records). These early promoters often emceed for hours at a time, with some improvisation and a simple four-count beat, along with a basic chorus to allow the performer to gather his thoughts (such as one, two, three, yall, to the beat, yall). The 1980s saw intense diversification in hip hop, which developed into a more complex form.

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Should Whaling be Banned Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Should Whaling be Banned - Term Paper ExampleIt is believed that these are areas had little mental ability to support agriculture and in that locationfore, people had to look for an alternative source of livelihood and whaling turned out to be the most sufficient. During this time, whales were in plenty and though it is still thought to have been cruel, this drill did not stick by any significant threat to the whale population as it was only conducted at the subsistence direct. Furthermore, there were no sophisticated equipments to facilitate crowing scale whaling. Instead, fishermen used crude methods and equipment such as canoes, which exposed them to dangers associated with this activity such as drowning as a result of the canoes capsizing while struggling to catch the whales or even suffering attacks from the mammoth oceanic creatures. The whalers used the canoes to surround the target whale in dictate to force it to change its course and swim to the shore, where it would e nd up on the beach and helpless indeed making it easy to catch (James et al 36). Between the years 1700 and 1900, it is believed that this activity had consumed a significantly grim number i.e. more than 50000 whales of the bowhead species leading to their near extinction, not withstanding the particular that this was only in the easterly coast of Greenland. However, the endangerment of these species begun in the early 1900s, when technological advancements facilitated the building of large ships and cannons, whose success rate enhanced large scale whaling and in turn, the growth of industries specializing in whale processing (Healy 38) . According to statistics, in the period mingled with 1910 and 1969, more than 2 million whales of different species were killed and worse still, current studies indicate that the population of blue whales in the whole world is approximately 3500, which is significantly low considering the fact that in the year 1931 alone, approximately 29000 bl ue whales were caught and slaughtered (Freeman 148). In fact, the remaining population of blue whales is considered to be less or equals to 1% of their original population. This shows that there is a major and real threat to whales, which must be sorted out before new(prenominal) species are affected in the same manner. Other statistics show that between 1986 and 2001, more than 27000 whales were killed despite the fact that there was a moratorium which was introduced in 1986 to protect the whales from commercial whaling companies. However, it may be notable that this moratorium did not tie whaling for scientific purposes and this has been used by countries, such as Japan, as an excuse to continue participating in commercial whaling in the pretext of conducting scientific research (Gillespie 67). The magnitude of this threat to the whales may be put forward to contradiction meaning that it could even be higher than the figures and data available. This is due to the fact that the International Whaling equip (IWC) sometimes relies on figures, which have been disputed on some occasions by independent researchers. For example, the IWC one time produced figures, which showed that the original number of Humpback whales was approximately 100000. On the contrary, data produced through DNA sampling in 2003 showed that the original number of Humpback whales was approximately 1.5 million i.e. before commercial whaling was introduced (Gillespie 73). With less than 20000 humpback whales remaining, the level of damage caused may be overestimated or underestimated depending on the data one decides to rely on. Similarly, the original estimates of Minke whales in the Antarctic has never been established since the IWC disowned its estimate of 760000 whales after resurveying and coming up with a new goal that they

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DISCUSSION BOARD PART 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

DISCUSSION BOARD PART 2 - Essay manakinIt is actually claimed, Medic atomic number 18 fake costs the U.S. government approximately $80 billion a year (Stefanacci, 2010, p. 1). The federal government as well as healthcare legislative bodies in the healthcare industry grant it extremely difficult to address this paradox adequately since the healthcare industry relies heavily on health and billing records to track Medicaid fraud (Kra theatrical role, 2010). More nonably, introduce of fraud becomes difficult since reimbursement formulas are not appropriate. Additionally, proficient advancement especially in information systems has not been fully utilized to address the issue. However, hope in addressing this issue is still overwhelming as research that is more rigorous and fruitful continues to find raise in policy implementers.Healthcare industry is continually benefiting from technological advancement. However, integrating technology and information systems that are more rel iable to address Medicaid fraud has not yielded a lot since the specific problem has not in so far been addressed. Therefore, the main point of concern for this research is to find the most appropriate and appealing use of technology and information systems to solve the menace of Medicaid fraud.Whereas it is a basic and constitutional human right to have access to affordable and appropriate healthcare, Medicaid programs are heavily compromised by Medicaid fraud. More specifically, approaches to address the issue of Medicaid fraud are yet to yield meaningful results since they rely heavily on traditional methods of health records. The problem becomes even more complicated when reimbursement formulas have not been harmonized and information systems have not yet been fully optimized to address this problem.From a perfectionist point of view, healthcare industry needs a near-perfect system of tracking Medicaid fraud for there to be meaningful

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Leadership by Lee Cockrell Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Leadership by Lee Cockrell - Essay ExampleThe essay Leadership by Lee Cockrell analyzes the Lee Cockrells smart decisions that guide him to the success. Lee Cockrell has started his career as a banquet waiter at the Hilton and climbed the ladder of organizational leading one by one. Before becoming the Vice President of Walt Disney, he worked in various positions much(prenominal) as beverage controller at the Waldorf-Astoria, a manager at Marriot etc.In other(a) words, Lee Cockrells primary functional areas were service sector. Since he started his career from the lowest level, he knows the psychology of all types of employees. It should be noted that most of the current managers know nothing about the need of the employees since they founding fathert have such working experience. Lee Cockrell had all types of experiences during his tenure of employments and therefore he knows the needs of the employees better than others. The three major challenges faced by Lee Cockrell in ru nning Walt Disney were keeping up with the changes happening in the service sector, risks developed by the replication of products and services and the increased competition in the service sector. Products and services can easily be replicated. So if your companys competitive favor is based on products and services alone, you are at risk. But if its based upon products, services, and case service, thusly youll have a competitive advantage thats very difficult to match. And you can get quality service only by creating a caring, respectful, people-cantered culture within your company.

Strategic Marketing Managment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Strategic Marketing Managment - Case Study ExampleOne of the major competitors of Reebok that is Adidas was already crack technologically superior footwear, while the other competitor that is Nike was offering shoes that guaranteed superior athletic action (Hines & Bruce, 2007, p. 307). So long, Reebok had been struggling hard to carve out a space for itself amidst these two arch rivals. Besides, it in any case desired to increase its market share. Prior to this positioning strategy, the competitive strategy of Reebok was mainly focused on offering the lowest prices (Hines & Bruce, 2007, p. 308). It offered signifi provoket discounts to the retailers opting to sell Reebok products. However, the flip side of this strategy was that it not only curtailed the revenues at Reebok, but also made Reebok seem a cheaper brand as compared to Adidas and Nike (Hines & Bruce, 2007, p. 308). However, the new positioning offered to the consumers, something that they could bushel to. Besides, it is utterly difficult for Nike and Adidas to venture into this new position affiliated to lifestyle branding, without compromising their stakes in the market elements they already superfluousize in. Finally, Reebok has found a place for itself in the footwear market, in which it can dare to be the best. This strategy allows Reebok to consolidate its stakes in the lifestyle shoe discipline, while retaining qualified share in the athletic shoe segment (Kotler, 2003). It also allows Reebok the first entrant advantage, thus change it to keep on improving its superiority in the lifestyle shoe market, before Nike and Adidas chose to foray into this segment (Kotler, 2003). It also adds to the profitability of Reebok, thereby enabling it to further strengthen its position in the athletic and action shoe segment (Kotler, 2003). 2 The success of Reebok was assured by its acumen in understanding hearty in time that the professional athletes comprised only a very small segment of the cu stomers opting to buy genetic mutation shoes (Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns, 2007 Online). The major bulk of the sportswear customers comprised of the young men and women who preferred athletic shoes as street wear and demanded comfort and style from the sports shoes they purchased. These passing(a) wearers comprised the largest customer segment in the sports shoes market, responsible for more than 80 percent of the sales (Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns, 2007 Online). small-arm Nike and Adidas worked hard at being perceived by the propitious customers as being the sellers of cutting moulding sports shoes, Reebok knew well that technological superiority was certainly not its forte. In the current scenario, Reebok is targeting young, sports minded males, who perceive their casual wear to be a projection of their young and sporty persona. This segment is not only the largest customer segment in the market under consideration, but also tends to be more loyal a nd comparatively easier to approach through advertising campaigns and event sponsorship. Right now, Reebok is emphatically focusing on targeting and converting the young race having a taste for sports and desirous of reflecting their athletic temperament in their casual wear. Not to say, Reebok has accrued broad success in this endeavor. 3 Reeboks strategy of creating new brands to target new markets and launching special collections under new brand names is a sound brand strategy considering the fact that Reebok principally associates itself

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Sassoon siegfried Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sassoon siegfried - Essay ExampleThs history books r concrnd with th Grt Wr nd how popl djustd to diffrnt circumstncs during tht priod. D Brnirs nd Sssoon hv diffrnt viwpoints nd thir writings diffr from ch othr.DBrnirs dscriptions of wr is xcruciting, ll too rl, s th uthor tks th rdr to th y of th cyclon to xplin how advantageously mn bcom trnsformd into morl nimls nd t th sm tim los thir souls. This is th rl horror to wr, th dstruction of th hauteur tht humns r trying to striv for. nd thus th book is cvt to ll ldrs to think mor dply bout th estimable rmifictions of rushing off to wr. Th min chrctr of th book is Cptin Corlli who is th snior Itlin officr in villg on n occupid Grk Islnd. His humnity rchs byond indignous hostility. Th Itlin rmy occupis th islnd maiden, nd th Itlins hv rltivly sy-going rltionship with th islndrs. cntrl chrctr is n Itlin cptin, ntonio Corlli, who plys th mndolin. Th othr min chrctrs r young womn, Plgi, hr fthr, Dr. Inns, locl doctor who is tching his dughtr ll bout hrbl mdicins, nd Plgis boyfrind, Mndrs, Grk prtisn fighting th Grmns. In his book Louis D Brnirs dscribs Dr Inns s vry ddictd to his job Dr Innis hd njoyd stisfctory dy in which non of his ptints hd did or got ny wors...( Louis D Brnirs ). Whn th cptin is injurd nd is trtd by th doctor h mts Plgi, nd thy fll for ch othr. This mks for complictd sitution, sinc th two r on opposit sids in th wr nd sinc Plgi is nggd to th prtisn, Mndrs. Things gt vn mor complictd whn th Grmns rriv nd put n nd to th sy-going rltionship btwn th islndrs nd th occupirs. s wll s bing profound story bout humn rltionships, this is lso wr story, nd th uthor shows us how popl r trnsformd by wr. Through th cptin nd his Grk finc, it is finly xprssd ffirmtion of th humn spirit. Th moving runion in old g is crtinly for th lchrymos. Yt, in ssnc, Cptin Corlli mbodis blk honsty which is th vry ntithsis of sntimntlity, nd which mks d Brnirs ultimt ffirmtion of humnity ll th mor powrful for bing so vidntl y hrd-won. Oddly nough, his rdrs sm to rcogniz this mor clrly thn h dos himslf if thrs on thing tht nnoys vryon bout th book, its th nding - by dlying th ultimt runion of Plgi nd th cptin for 50 yrs, d Brnirs sms to btry n uncrtinty s to whthr his rsolution hs bn truly dsrvd. Still, it coms in th nd. Indd, it is strng to rd novl so full of pin, which nvrthlss lvs on with such strong sns of joy. Myb its succss, for tht vry rson, should itslf b considrd lif ffirming on.D Brnirs smlssly mixs brod comdy with grphic dscriptions of suffring or violnc, tndr pisods nd visionry flights of fncy. His book is lso highly sxd, bwdy nd stiricl. Cptin Corllis spcil good-natured of historicl romnc ws, howvr, somthing of dprtur from his rlir novls full us of mgic rlism. Sigfrid Sssoon rmins mong th bst known soldir pots of th Grt Wr of 1914-18. Mmoirs of n Infntry Officr, th bst known of his wr mmoirs, ws first publishd in 1930. Mmoirs of n Infntry Officr is th scond volum of Sigfrid Sssoons fiction lizd utobiogrphy. Th first nd third volums r Mmoirs of Fox-Hunting Mn, nd Shrstons Progrss, rspctivly. Whn this book ws first publishd in 1930, th vrg rdr my not hv rcognizd Shrston s n unrlibl nrrtor, but upon scond rding, much of wht th nrrtor tlls us grows in irony. Ths lins from Convlscnc r typicl of th gm h plys with th rdr Bsid th bd thr ws bowl of whit lilc nd Bibl. Opning it t rndom to try my luck, I put my fingr on th following vrs from th Pslms Th words of his

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Read two essays, and which historian (Dan Carter or Bruce Schulman) Assignment

Read two essays, and which historian (Dan Carter or Bruce Schulman) does the best crinkle of describing the origins of the New indemnify Why - Assignment ExampleCarters approach of depicting the origins of the New skillful is from an display cases (politicians race) perspective. However, his work neglected to explore the holistic nature of the New righteousness phenomenon and presented a one-sided argument -- that political movement alone spurred its resurgence. Carters work focused on Wallaces contribution his attacks on the federal government have become the gospel of modern conservatism his angry rhetoric, the foundation for the new ground rules of political warfare (Hoffman, Blum, and Gjerde 485). According to his work, the resurgence of New Right started with George Wallaces racist populism, sharpened with Nixon and Agnews law and order demagogy and triumphant with Reagans spoilt on crime policies (Lyons 28).Schulmans work capitalized in his clear demographic story of the economic switch towards the Sunbelt (a rightist territory) and establishment of supporting arguments about the strengthening of New Right. His arguments allow the 1) stating of economic developments 2) fostering of a less federal government 3) posing the effects of the failure of North and Eastern unions like, they had risen with the vast industrial revolution in the heartland, and they were falling with it too (Hoffman, Blum, and Gjerde 488) and emphasizing, not just political developments but socio-cultural developments. Schulmans format worked well in presenting the emergence of New Right as a participating event in the reconfiguration of twentieth-century American politics (McGirr 273).Much of New Right activities took center stage in politics, further its big picture lies in the industrial and commercial movements of the economy, and socio-cultural flow within the civilian spheres. Thus, it is appropriate to include not just a single perspective in presenting the New Right s origins. Bruce Schulmans work took heed of this topics nature and

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How did the wartime mobilization affect American politics what were Essay

How did the wartime mobilization see American politics what were the provisions of the GI Bill what was important about the 1944 presidential election - bear witness ExampleIntroduction of rail mode and conscription made mobilization an issue. Societal changes and the technology promoted the move toward a more organized way of assembling armies. Although, the benefits of wartime mobilization did not create a level compete field for most Americans, there was transformation among the people and the nation at large (it finished winning the United States out of the Great Depression) (Rosenberg, p629). The opportunity and obstacles that came either wartime mobilization affected the people the very way they vied themselves in the society. For instance, women moved into jobs that were largely dominated by men, hence changing the role of women in the society. Furthermore, mobilization brought about civil rights Africa Americans serving in were less likely to be segregated.The GI vizor was created to support the World War II veterans. It provides low interest rate mortgages, established hospitals, and it provided stipends covering expenses and tuition for veterans tending trade schools or colleges. The GI BILL is termed as one on most significant pitch of legislation to be produced by the federal government. It had influenced the economic, social, and political status of the United States (Humes, p110) however, it almost never came to be due to the debate on the provisions of the GI BILL. However, despite all the differences they agreed that the veteran moldiness be helped to be able to assimilate into the civilian life. It also was commonly referred to as the GI BILL of rights. As much as the congress was giving a chance for redemption some, saw it as a genuine attempt to thwart a looming economic and social crisis. Others saw inaction as a way of welcoming another depression.In 1944, the dominant issues at that time were war and peace. Therefore, the candidat es were judged by their ability to compete with the war effort United States being the

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D.L.S Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

D.L.S - Essay physical exertionSo they dont think theres any way to extract randomness regarding this period Now I result mostly be interested in stating Smails ideas and financial support them with the excerpts from his book called On Deep History and the Brain. Before actually explaining the above mentioned points, one involvement that must be clarified is that Smail is against the typical psychological treatment to the history. In fact, he prescribes a quite a neurophysiological treatment to this case. The reason to support this sort of view is that such an approach will puzzle out interdisciplinarity to the study of history which in turn will benefactor in exploring history from different perspectives. Moreover, this will also tackle the presentism brought in by psychological treatment of the subject. In his words, What do we gain from a deep history centered on the neurophysiological legacy of our deep past? Well, one bene?t is a new kind of interdisciplinarity that join s the humanities and social sciences with the physical and life sciences. This is, I hope, something we would all ilk to aim for. This kind of interdisciplinarity, in turn, provides an opportunity for escaping the sterile presentism that grips the historical community. (Smail 1) According to Smail, the first and the most historic of the facts that kept historians from including the prehistory to history is their dependence on the Sacred Scripts for the point of origin and the different mark of the history. Historians believed that the history started from the Garden of Eden. This point of view can be for any reason including sacred, racial or political. This is how historians neglected the Paleolithic Era and in doing so they alienated a large number of audiences who were shrill to recognise the happenings of this remote past. Smail pinpointed this loss in these words Historians risk alienating this audience if they continue to abridge that part of our history which consists of the deep past. (1) Smail suggests that in order to peek at the remotest past we have to act from Sacred to Human our history must be centered on brain and biology rather than religion. Although Sacred History plays a major role in giving a historical neb of the events that were of religious importance but it must not be the base on which the history make is to be erected. The most important reason is that it has only three major marks to go impale to the past viz. Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the Universal Deluge and the Destruction of the Tower of Babel. So it does not offer much. Latin and Greek historians generally worked in this genre as their emperors were influenced by Christianity. For those historians who were influenced by this Judeo-Christian style of history writing, history began at Eden or from Genesis. So they dont know what happened before Expulsion from Eden. Secondly, their scope is limited to religious treatment of the events so all they were availab le with for help were religious scripts or scholars who molded every aspect of history to religious mold. Not only this religious treatment but also any other treatment whether it is philosophical or

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Organizing, researching andillustrating your material Essay

Organizing, enquirying andillustrating your material - Essay ExampleFrom the preliminary investigation carried out by the central potency these dissatisfaction signals, which have resulted in declining employee morale and productivity, are partly attributable to 1) perceived exclusion in decision making on certain technical issues/processes, and 2) increased workload without compensation for additional hours spent prison term by salaried employees.Given these regrettable happenings the President has mandated me to carry out a field research to investigate the nature and extent of the problems, identify causes and effect of the problems on branch performance and recommend solutions to the problems identified. This go away require conducting interviews, survey of clients and review of records and policy documents in your branch. I will be in the office for one week. I therefore need your full cooperation and support by making available your hr program and policy documents, staff p erformance appraisal records and procedural manuals. I will also appraise your assistance in making arrangements for meetings with your departmental managers and a sample of clients in the last six months.The central office put high premium on your outstanding performance. You have personally been very supportive of our advance drives and I am looking forward to working together with you towards solving these emerging problems.Wages and salaries of managerial and staff persons are the least

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Nursing research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 50

Nursing research - try out ExampleMainz identifies structural indicators as those indicators that describe the nature and sum of resources that a healthcare installation utilizes in the delivery of services and programs with these indicators related to the availability of a presence of human resources and material resources that have the say-so of improving the lumber of care (524). In line with this, it is evident that one quality improvement pulsation in a healthcare facility is the structural component of the healthcare facility since the structure of the facility is important in providing quality services to patients. Consequently, potential indicators related to the healthcare facilitys quality improvement measure, which is structural in nature, range from the technology used by the facility to professionals working in the facility. Mainz identifies these potential indicators as the proportion of doctors to other specialists, the healthcare facilities access to specific tec hnology such as MRI scans, and access to particular units that promote the provision of quality care

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Religion and Homophobia in Trinidad and Tobago Essay Example for Free

Religion and Homophobia in Trinidad and Tobago EssayAs previously demonstrated, the data collected was diagrammatically represented in tell to highlight trends or anomalies. Figure 1 (Fig. 1) begins by showing that 36% of our sample allowed same sex marriage, whilst 64% did not. Since non-support of same-sex marriage is used as our indicator of homophobia, most two-thirds (( 2)? (3 )) of our sample is considered homophobic. Whilst this suggests that a substantial proportion of our population is supportive of homosexuality, the majority is appargonntly homophobic.Thus, a measuring was found, against which individual elements of the population can then be manipulated and analysed in a positivistic approach. Figure 2 shows that the gender of the non-supportive population was almost equally distri thated, which suggests that perspective is gender neutral. This is surprise considering that gender commonly indicates differing perspectives, but whitethorn perhaps be attributed to the existence of homosexuality in both genders.Additionally, this is reflected in Fig 3. where the manly only school, Naparima College is proportionately equal to the female only schools, Naparima Girls High School (NGHS), ASJA Girls College (ASJA) and St. Josephs Convent (SJC). Furthermore, Figure 4 shows that the average CSEC grades (which we will use as an indicator of education take aim) of the supporters round equalled that of the non-supporters. Therefore, neither gender, education level school has significant effect on our candidates perception of same-sex marriage.Continuing the search for constituents that may affect the increase of homophobia, Fig 5 outlines four further dimensions of social life, showing that, support of the legalisation of marijuana, alcohol spending habits, history of altercations with the law, and family structure all had negligible effects because the proportions only slightly deviated from the norm. It is only when the dynamic of devotion is i ntroduced that anomalies become apparent.As illustrated in Figure 6, there is little variance between the individual faiths, with Islam organism marginally more homophobic, but, when religion is removed, as in the case of our secular candidates, the proportions are reversed and slightly two-thirds (( 2)? (3 )) of the secular candidates were supportive. Additionally, it was observed that, whilst Muslim candidates had the highest correlation to homophobia within our sample, the candidates from the Islamic school, ASJAGirls College who would have been exposed to the institution for at least five years, a substantial portion of their lives-, had the lowest correlation to homophobia the difference beingness approximately 10%. This is pertinent because it is in addition indicative of secularisation by differentiation wherein the non- ghostly sphere of life, education is scattered from religion (Jose Casanova, 1994). In both instances of secularisation, homophobia was reduced.Buildin g on the investigation of the persuade of religion, religiousism was then compared to feeling using three common measures of religiosity. Figure 7 shows the relationship between frequency of visitation of spot of worship and non-support, Figure 8 shows the frequency of surreptitious worship against non-support and Figure 8 shows the frequency of private study of religious schoolbooks versus non-support. All graphs yielded a positive gradient, began surface below the average and ended well above it.This indicates, that as religiosity increases, so too does homophobia. This contrasts our previous reflection that there were no trends amongst the diverse religions but verifies the implication that secularisation decreases homophobia. Careful consideration of the qualitative data compounds these assertions because, not only is religion openly and usually used as justification of homophobia, the candidates who were most fervently religious and enmeshed with their assembly were of ten most blatantly homophobic.Additionally, if the view of the religious leaders is to be taken as the consensus of the congregation, it would bet that most justify discrimination. However, there were cases in which the fervently religious advocated positively for same-sex marriages. The phenomena observed can be explained using a functionalist perspective in which religion serves as a method of maintaining social order through increasing solidarity within a mostly heterosexual population by segregating the homosexual, thereby providing a common enemy, and instilling a tack of values and norms in nightspot.Also, religion may be viewed as encouraging more productive marriages in which childbirth is possible, thereby helping to sustain the birth-rate, working to forethought the system of the family. When candidates are separated from the functions of religion, they are more likely to maintain a different set or norms, wherein homosexuals are equal to heterosexuals. Contrastingly, a Conflict perspective may be used in hich religion serves to justify the construction of a class society in which the heterosexuals are the middle class and the homosexuals are the proletariat. By masking the foundation of power and exploitation in divine ruling, the heterosexuals are allowed to legitimize their repose of superiority. When this illusion is removed and class consciousness attained, as in the case of secular candidates and candidates with little religiosity, the bourgeoisie can no longer legitimize their position, and so homophobia is reduced.Alternatively, if one is to utilize Webers system of Rational Choice, one might suggest, that, perhaps candidates decided to follow the homophobic direction of their religious leaders, rationalizing that earning the support of the entire congregation was worth discriminating against a minority. This theory also serves to explain why candidates back up same-sex marriage, because the prevailing justification was a rationalisat ion that their (homosexuals) private life did not affect me (the candidate) negatively and was because not a problem.This also explains the anomaly of the few candidates who were enmeshed in non-supportive congregations but still support same-sex marriages. Continuing the reckonivistic trend, Meads theory of Symbolic Interactionism may be applied in which the ascribed meanings of symbols encourage homophobia. For deterrent example, candidates who study their holy texts daily were most likely to be non-supportive. They may ascribe that the text determines their values and that the text does not support homosexuality, therefore, they, identified as a follower of the text, does not support homosexuality.Another example may be the use of song references in their justification, wherein, candidates interpret the music to disapprove of homophobia and therefore, as listeners, they should also disapprove. Lastly, the use of homophobic slurs such as fag in the language of the non-supporte rs suggests that homosexuality is unwanted, and communicates this to others who may interpret it as such, and develop the same intellection.Discussion of Findings In, Invitation to the sociology of religion, Zuckerman presents a functionalist approach in which we see how religion may affect social hange. He demonstrates a correlation between a decline in the influence of religion and an increase in the acceptance of homosexual relations suggesting that religion does indeed influence homophobia as determined from my research. Furthermore, he considered another form of discrimination, that is, racism in which again, religion resulted in the segregation of a minority, but also, where religion provided a powerful community through which resistance could grow.The strength and influence of these churches echoes the observation that the more enmeshed our subjects were in their religious congregations, the more homophobic they tended to be. Building on the methods by which religion could a ffect social life, the article, Gays bash g overnment on same-sex marriage, presents a scenario in which religion has brightenly moulded the opinion of a prominent member of our government to the point that it over-rode proper conduct.This crass act seems less surprising when it is observed that some candidates also paraphrased or quoted biblical passages in lieu of an explanation. The research paper, Religion and domain opinion of same-sex marriage, also adds validation to our research because their results were strikingly similar to our own. They discovered, as I did, that a souls religiosity and not their specific religion was the prominent factor in influencing their view of same-sex marriage.Additionally, the article entitled, J-FLAG Issues Statement on International Day Against Homophobia, also verifies this conclusion by using statistics which showed that 56% believed homosexuality and Christianity were incompatible and that 82% believed that it was immoral. This, second s tudy was conducted in Jamacia and as such, it is also more relevant to our research based in Trinidad it should come as no surprise that their sample yielded a homophobic rate only marginally lower than our own at 59% as opposed to 64%.Finally, in relation to our final exam aim, the research paper, Religion and public opinion of same-sex marriage, also proves handy because they validate that no other beat demographic holds significant influence on a candidates opinion of same-sex marriage as well as religiosity. Considering these observations, my main finding appears to be that religion does, in fact, play a significant role in developing homophobia within the Lower Six population of San Fernando.Additionally, three main inferences can be make Firstly, that religion may develop homophobia by presenting a community in which homophobia may be warrant and advertised as the norm, through interaction with the institution of government, or through symbolic interaction wherein the relig ious texts are interpreted as encouraging homophobia. Secondly, that religiosity is a much more significant factor than religious affiliation in developing homophobia, with religious affiliation being almost powerless in our study.Thirdly, we may infer that, whilst exposure to the media did have some effect on the development of homophobia as reflected in our qualitative data, by and large, religion is the major influence with no significant alternative factors appearing in our study. ? Limitations Whilst conducting my study, certain limitations were confronted. Chief amongst these was the cost effectiveness of conducting such a relatively large-scale survey consisting of over two hundred subjects. Adding to this difficulty was the statistical analysis in which a spreadsheet was necessary.Additionally, in order to equilibrium the ratio of male to female respondents, the strata of Naparima College was over-represented since that was the school in which the most co-operation was met. However, since Naparima College proved to be a true institution, for the purposes of our study, I believe that the integrity of the data was no compromised. Difficulty was also met in collecting and analysing inessential data sources as inquisitions at our public libraries proved fruitless and many of the recent, relevant research text file published were either costly, or restricted to members of certain institutions.Lastly, there may have been some, inherent means bias in my analysis of the qualitative data. Recommendations On completion of my research, certain recommendations have become apparent. The starting time being that a complete separation of the church and state must be accomplished in order to provide the allocation of same-sex marriages, and the second being that the institution of religion should be removed from society as it, in its many forms may a dangerous tool for inspiring discrimination. Conclusion Although it has been a lengthy road, it was a straight on e, and, in summation, we can determine that there is indeed a clear relationship between religion and homophobia in which religion inspires the other through various ways. Furthermore, a persons religiosity was shown to be the determining factor in influencing homophobia with no other influence being significant. ?

Erik Erikson Psychosocial Stages Essay Example for Free

Erik Erikson Psycho affable Stages stressTo summarize this article is basically showing the identity development from a lifespan perspective. This article discusses the diametric developmental stages from childhood stages until the adulthood stages. In order to better investigate or look into these stages they set up use of Erik Eriksons psycho perspicuous system to do so. After researchers did the studies they plunge different patterns of psychosocial balance which were found for each identity style with largely consistent findings.Included in this article are the research findings from empirical studies. It seemed for many individuals identity development is a lifelong process that ranges well past the years of adolescence. Summary of the TheoryThe person identified with this surmise is Erik Erikson. Eriksons psychosocial guess is composed of eight developmental stages which span by means ofout the course of life. Each stage presents the individual with a natural tas k or conflict that they must successfully resolve to proceed with development. He placed a great idiom on sociocultural factors because he believed these strongly influenced developments. Erikson believed that childhood identification is the foundation for identity formation in adolescence. One of the main elements of Eriksons psychosocial stage surmise is the development of ego identity, (ego identity develop through social interaction).The concept of this theory emphasizes that humanes continue to depart and develop throughout their lives and that personality is non exclusively formed during the early childhood years. This idea is servingful and optimistic and many believe it is in addition realistic. According to Erikson our ego identity is constantly changing due to new experiences and our daily interactions with others. This concept was really powerful for self-awareness and improvement, and for teaching and helping others. Eriksons model of psychosocial development is a very signififannyt, highly regarded and pregnant concept. Life is a series of lessons and challenges which helps us to grow.Eriksons wonderful theory helps to tell us why. This theory is very helpful for child development and adults too. Erikson believed that his psychosocial principle is genetically inevitable in shaping (mind) and social (relationships). HE also referred to his theory as epigenesist and the epigenetic principle, which signified the concepts relevance toevolution (past and future) and genetics. Erikson formulateed his use of the word epigenesist then epi can mean above in space as before in time, and in community with genesis can well represent the space- time nature of all development.Like other creative concepts, Eriksons model is simple yet very sophisticated. The theory is a basis for broad or complex discussion and the analysis of personality and behavior, and also for understanding and for facilitating personal development- of self and others. Although Eriksons theory provides useful information, there is some limitations with his theory.For instance his theory does not suit when explaining different types of personality differences that embody among individuals. Such personality differences are listed in the 5 factor model of personality extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness. Personality differences can affect the outcome solving psychosocial crisis. Critical Analysis of the Articles Use of the TheoryThe theory was use to explain the life span of human beings life over the course of childhood to adulthood. The theory was very worthy for this article because it helps to explain human behavior. Those eight stages of the psychosocial theory explain how identity is formed. The theory also explicate that the ego as well as internal and external motives determine individuals behavior.The theory also helps to explain that role confusion can lead to a very different human experience and it causes th e individual to question ones personality. In the article the theory was employ to help individuals understand that identity is a major part of ones self. However, if an individual does not outdo in these psychosocial phases, then there is a conflict with ones identity and interferes with the development of the person. inquiry shows that identity development continues to be an ongoing process throughout adulthood. The process of forming an identity involves creating a logical sense of self.The theory also helps to understand that childhood experiences are the most intellectual, articulate, and prominent times of a persons life. I think theres a relationship between our theory and article because the theory we were assigned focuses on Cycle social. This theory argues that events and stages of society and history are for the most part repeating themselves in round of golfs. In our article it discussed Eriksons Developmental stages and how they were effective from childhood toadul thood.After interpret our article and better understanding Eriksons theory it all makes sense. Each developmental stage is used in order to allow one to grow with each age. Erikson was keen on improving the modal value children and young people are taught and nurtured, and it would be appropriate for his ideas to be more widely known and used in day-to-day life, beyond the clinical and counseling professions. I evaluated that this theory ties into my article perfectly because the cycle social theory is basically about the cycle we go through in order to change and grow as humans. The article discussed each psychosocial stage that Erikson came up with while doing his research.

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Kenneth Nierman Essay Example for Free

Kenneth Nierman EssayKenneth A. Nierman (born 1954)(1)(2) is Founder and President of the Center for Bankruptcy Planning, and Principal of Adversity fiscal Planners. His work to pioneer Financial Planning for Bankruptcy, is unparalleled.Mr. Nierman has been honored for his innovative work in advancing educational and entertaining economic concepts. One of his first economic papers was a discussion of a access coarse level of the world economies. His first theorem on this discussion was available in 1987(doc). The Great Leveling was among the earliest neo-economic discussions about the effect s of improved technology in communication, creating a near-perfect, almost instantaneous, menstruation of information. It was a major factor in the breakup of the Soviet Union, and the early awareness of dictator conquering of their citizens.His theorem expressed that as information run became instantaneous, that economies of third world countries would benefit tremendously at the cons tant and unrecoverable loss of the economic world powers. This would not mean that third world economies would become as as rich as the world leaders it would simply mean that the incremental increase in the existing standard of living would seem exponential and people in those countries would feel substantially wealthier. It would in like manner mean that the great world economic powers would experience a loss of current standards of living. A fall down so much so that the people in those countries would experience economic and emotional pain beyond anything they had previously experienced.The Great Leveling would create a permanent shift in a volume of the world economies. World economic leaders would experience subtle or sharp, extended or immediate, decreases in citizen standards of living. The economic pain experienced would be permanent and would take years for the citizens to realize the new ordinary of a decreased lifestyle. Simple or drastic decreases in personal and h ousehold cash flow would have compounding effects through with(predicate)out the economy of the country.His undocumented, yet historically discussed economic theorems include The Great Leveling, The Baby-boom Retirement Myth, and Creative Destruction within the Entrepreneur World.Early life and educationNierman was born in Eastern Colorado in a small but innovative farming community of hard-working farmers and entrepreneurs (world renowned golf course footnote goes here).Family history. Parents were Alvin Kenneth Nierman and Teresa Marie (Natter) Nierman.Father died. Mother died.Sisters, Marilyn Irene Nierman (b.1949-), Alyce Dianne Nierman (b.1951-).Wife, Stacia(Stacy) Jo Nierman (Coven)(b.1956-). Married to Stacy, 19 January 1980 at King of corona Lutheran Church, Arvada, Colorado.Formal Education. Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins, Colorado and Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), Portales, New Mexico. invoice in Business.After graduating from CSU, married to Stac y, moved to Lakewood, Colorado. First job was as a stockbroker with otc Net, Denver, Colorado. OTC Net specialized in underwriting venture capital developmental stage publicly held companies. After the obstruction of OTC Net in 1982, he went to work with E.F. Hutton in Fort Collins, Colorado. He worked with E.F. Hutton until 1984 and moved to Shearson Lehman Brothers in Denver, Colorado. In 1986, he moved to PAMCO Securities, a new firm offering financial services through local and regional savings and loans, and commercial banks.

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Axia College of University of Phoenix Essay Example for Free

Axia College of University of Phoenix set aboutThe purpose and meaning of intent, is to live it in the most meaningful way a someone sewer. I work hard on this daily, and try to show the younger generation that life can be so beautiful in a lot of positive ways if you lead it the way you trust it. My personal narrative will be away to express myself like I contribute not done before by using theories in my readings. I am a thirty-year-old man who is really energetic, outgoing, hard working that not only values my life, but e trulyone elses as well. The bypast flipper geezerhood of my life have been a five- patch movie that could have big as the Lord of the peal series. I started school, two businesses, regular job I got promoted, and bought a new house. I have had to play a back seat on be there for all my family, and friends like I am use to, because for once I had to utilize time for myself. My meaning of life stayed the same thru out these years I think these thin gs have made me more mature on things, and to love myself a dwarfish more.The major thing that made me really evolve in the past 5 years I believe is starting school. Six years prior to me starting at UOP I dropped out of college, because I had no clue what I wanted to use my skills for, I was very lost, unhappy, and I was doing nothing for myself it was for everyone else. That maven event by enrolling back in school changed my spirit over night for the soften. The next solar day I started weeding people out of my life that where imputing nothing but negatives in it.That was defiantly the turning power stay for me without a doubt. This event came at the right time also in my life since I was in a very dark place at the time, so I guess you can advance it was meant to be. Then I started two business ventures that I had wanted to start which proved to me that I could do something for myself to benefit my life and stability. I now have more than enough responsibilities that I d id not have before, like keeping my business in order supplies to maintaining my customer relationships.My new house has been the biggest ordeal and not in a bad way it has been extremely difficult to get it to my standards, and since I am so busy I have not taking time just for my house. These challenging changes in my life now are very hard to deal with, but I would not posit every changes at all, because this is the happiest I have been. I have been hard on myself, but not to the point of stressing. Happiness proves to be an interesting window through which to view continuity and change in personality (McAdams, 2006).With that said it shows in my everyday life that no matter what I am faced with directly my life is a lot better now than then. I took a lot growing up without a father from not being able to afford things I wanted to not having the self-reliance in myself to make change. When you receive that unexpected high grade on a tough assignment, you are likely to feel go od, and your well-being shoots way up (McAdams, 2006). Starting my businesses, buying the house, and getting promoted where some very tough assignments in the past five years, but I feel so much better about who I am with a better well being.What roles have religion, race, culture, family, and gender played in the development of my personality, well the major thing that played a role was family. My family pushed me so much to a point where failing would not be expectable in any manner. My girlfriend has never halt believing in me she always said I will be somebody, and no one can take that from me. My race, and religion beliefs did not have a huge factor in any part of this, but my personality got me sixty percent of what I have today.Looking back on the past seeing the transition that has taking place in my life from five years ago is something in itself to boost my ego. Five years ago without UOP I can honestly say that there is no way I would be where I am now. Life is a wonderf ul thing to have, we make our own destiny, and being rich or poor should not make us who we are, but being in love with life and our good talents that we possess should play a huge part of what we are. McAdams, D. (2006). The person a new introduction to personality psychology. (4th ed. ). Hoboken, NJ John Wiley Sons.

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Quaid-E-Azam Essay Example for Free

Quaid-E-Azam turn outQuaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Statesman was hatched inKarachion the 25th Dec, 1876. His antecedent, Jinnah Poonjah, was a big distributer ofKarachi. Though a in truth gold businessperson, Mr. Poonjah desirable to devote virtuous pedagogy to his son and book him absent from acting.Mr. Mohammad AH Solon received his early instruction inKarachiandBombay. He passed his Mesmerize Scrutiny in 1891. In his schooltime days he was very painstaking in his studies. He observed the rules of correction. He was also really punctual m attending. in all these nibbed to his incoming greatness. For his complete qualities, he was really often cherished by his teachers and fellow-students.His fathers person, Mr. Federick Croft, revealed signs of a desirous man in him. He advised his hypostasis to transfer him toEnglandfor higher studies. Accordingly Mr. Statesman collectivised forEnglandin 1892. in that location he was admitted into theLincolnsInnand obtained the laurels of Bar-at-Law.Mr Statesman stayed in England for tetrad period. He premeditated the ways of the humanistic discipline people. He was rattling more impressed to maturate that all of them, colourful or bad, admired their motherland. There he came low the influence of a loyal Asian, Dababhoy Nooroj.After having successfully through his teaching, Mr. Jinnah returned to Indiain 1896. At that mo his fathers concern was not gushing fountainhead. So to get m acey for the kinfolk, he started practise inKarachi. But he could not do cured. He left Karachi and went to Bombay to try his hazard there. Here, too, his practice was unsharpened for leash geezerhood. At worst, he conventional the couple as Ordinal Administration Magistrate of Bombay. But he was overconfident that he would do excavation as a lawyer. So he gave up the copulate after any(prenominal) experience minute he wasestablished as a distinguished attorney. His laurels spread outlying(prenominal) and stretching.In 1905, Mr. Solon came in snuggled communication with Gopal Krishna Gokhale. Mr. Gokhale was then the president of the Amerindic Soul Congress. before long he became its most copernican person. He was name the Ambassador of Hindu-M .turn Unity. But he was disenchanted in 1930. For he then realised that the only objective of the Congress was to give Religion judge inIndia. He, thus, distributed himself from the Congress. He devoted himself in organising the Muslims. The Muslims were then at their lowest ebb-politically, socially and economically. His,, leadership, kindled a new-imagination among the frustrated Muslims. He created semipolitical cognisance among the Muslims of India. It was due to his management and leaders the Muslims regained their confidence. Each and every Moslem responded to his clarion exact. And they, with one line demanded a asunder Declaration was adoptive. The try for Pakistan is a tale of a uninterrupted judge against a boniface of obstacles and it was his control and acti vity which provided for us a bulwork of posture at these tall nowadays.The domain of Pakistan was due to the untiring receive and zeal of Quaid-i-Azam. He won Pakistan by his irrefutable arguments. He is titled the Ascendant of the Nation. For similar a theological, he acquired a land for us.Tho in destroyed health, he had to get the prime Governor-Generalship of Pakistan. He died in attach on the 11th Sept, 1948.

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Benefits of an online business presence Essay Example for Free

Benefits of an online transmission line front line EssayIn this task I am going to explain the developments in internet technology, describe the benefits of an online heraldic bearing and give simulations of line of reasoninges that extol these benefits and at long last explain the advantages of to businesses of having an online presence rather than having a purely offline presence. Broadband and other developments Nowadays, broadband connections enable entropy to be transferred much faster than narrowband. The connection does non tie up a normal telecommunicate line. The user stack choose get online by an ADSL connection, a cable line, wireless or via major planet dish. as well as the internet is low cost and is increasing in speed which benefits the commerce online. The new portable devices such as PDA offer the user easy internet access at each time. 80% of the UK can get broadband by ADSL and cable. Most of slew use internet exclusively(prenominal) day which enables a great sh argon of data. Secure payments The increase of security enables the use of opinion/ calculate entry card facilities. But the newspapers and magazine headlines round fraud and hackers quite obviously put people off.To be secured, all the online payments need to be private and confidential between the buyer and the seller, conveyed intact and without any changes during transmission system and erased from the system after the dish out has been completed. The banks are increasing the security of the debit/ identification cards of the user. To buy an item online the user need to key in the password and the date of birth. Secure Electronic achievement (SET) is a standard protocol for securing credit card transactions over insecure networks, the Internet.SET is non itself a payment system, but rather a set of security protocols and formats that enables users to employ the existing credit card payment infrastructure on an open network in a secure fashion. When th e cardholder buys online the credit card company authenticates the card via digital signature. This proves that the cardholder is genuine. Web authoring tools Nowadays in that location are a be of vane authoring tools such as the Microsoft FrontPage program which enables the user to create a website without any specialist knowledge.thither are other programs such as the Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash technology used to create the effects and designs in a website. Businesses can easily build their website, which enables them to create a service online. Benefits of an online presence A web business presence have global round visibility which means they never close and are available from any location in the world at 24 hours 7 days a week. This benefit can increase the opportunity of trading of the website. any(prenominal) examples of websites that enjoy this benefit are www.sainsburys. co. uk, www. amazon. co. uk and www. argos. co. uk. Some businesses operational online have o pportunity of expansion to access to a wide range of customers especially from abroad. If the business offers an excellent service the opportunity is maximised. But there are worries for example the tariff barriers, quotas and environmental regulations. This is not a problem in the European Community as the greats can be freely traded between member states. Some websites that enjoy this benefit are www. ebay. com, www. hp. com, www. dell. com.A Small business with a good service and well designed can compete with larger businesses. There is an equality of presence regardless of size of business. The costumer never looks on the size of the business single on the service and harvesting provided. Therefore a small business can compete with a larger one. Some websites that enjoy this benefit are www. zonepoint. co. uk and www. computeradvicecentre. com. A web business presence has the benefit of a rapid rejoinder to customer interest. But some firms dont take advantage of this ben efit.A web can provide some(prenominal) opportunities for customer contact for example the email messages. The speed of response is very important. A response over the internet is faster than the response by phone or letter. An online business presence enjoying this benefit is www. ebuyer. com. A web business presence has the opportunity to analyse online competition. It is quicker and easier to compare competitor activities online than by visit their stores or obtaining information offline. Also the internet enables businesses to check new competitors and their market share.Businesses operating online have opportunity to keep up with customers. Businesses can check competitors status and then they can cleanse the product or service offered, speed of the language or the design of the website. The internet has made the life much easier. Achieving a responsive fused supply range A supply chain contains every single business that is involved in the eventual supply of a product or service. But there are problems associated with the supply chain. If the chain is long the price to the customer may be high and the chain is ordinarily slow to respond to a rapid change.To combat these problems businesses tried to change the supply chain to bring down it, this is done by cutting out or by passing as many intermediaries, and to integrate it, to speed the things by changing the information in one stage to another. An example of business that has a simple and short supply chain is Dell. Dell manufactures computers and sells them online directly to the buyers. This means there are no wholesales and no need for retail shops. This speeds things up and reduces the final price to the customer. If the businesses improve their supply chain there many benefits that follows.Businesses can offer punctual delivery as a sales feature. The seller allow for have more control over delivery if the supply chain is short and integrated. One example of a business operating online tha t has this benefit is Dell. co. uk Other benefit is the opportunity for buying the products online. Businesses can improve the product delivery and reduce the time between the order and supply. Customers can check stocks online. If an item is shortly out of stock many businesses put a note on the site and email the customer when stocks are replenished.One example of a business that has this benefit is ebuyer. com. Ebuyer is a business like Dell. It sells directly to the buyer there is no need for retail shops. Online order tracking is another benefit. It enables the customers to check every stage of their order from the suppliers website. The system sends automatically email to customer informing about tracking order. In other systems customers can check at any time the progress of the order. Ebuyer. com is a business operating online that enjoys this benefit. Businesses can reduce overheads and labour costs.A business that has a short and an integrated supply chain has more possibi lities to process the orders more cheaply. This is because there is likely to be fewer staff required to process paperwork relating to customer orders, fewer shops required if the business deals directly to the customer, fewer intermediaries required and fewer staff indispensable to deal with the customer. Ebuyer and Dell are two examples of businesses that enjoy this benefit. Reduced stockholding Businesses can improve hard cash flow through fewer bad debts. Cash flow improves if the customer is paying as they puzzle a purchase.The transactions over the internet are done by credit or debit card. The card payment is always checked and authorised before the goods are dispatched. Ebuyer. com can choose where to locate. Ebuyer only trades over the internet. It has more freedom in choosing the location than other types of businesses. A business can palliate money with affiliations with ISPs and portals. This works as the following a business wants to show the location of the company , the business can do an affiliation using multimap to show it. One example is the BT website. Other benefit is the accessibility to disparate users.Disabled and housebound people have more advantages to shop at home over the internet. Also people who live in rural and remote areas dont need to worry to go a obtain trip. Only one click can save money and time. Nowadays is increasing availability of normal web access points. The internet kiosks and cybercafi s are a common feature in all large towns and cities. They enable anyone without a pc, or away from home, to access the internet easily. Also the pocked Pcs and the portable computers, laptops, enable the access to internet at any time.Advantages of to businesses of having an online presence rather than having a purely offline presence Tesco are ale to sell a lot more groceries as they have both their stores and the home delivery service than Primark which only sells its product to customers who came into their stores. Tesco w ebsite would operate globally as well as locally for relatively little extra cost. Tesco can get a wide range of customers because they can buy online at any time. People dont need to worry to go for shopping. Only by one click people can shop online. Also disabled people would prefer to shop online.Primark website only offers the information about the products and where to find retail outlets. In my point of view an online presence has more advantages than a purely offline presence. An online presence can get more customers selling online than an offline presence. The customers are very important for a business because without them a business can close. In conclusion, I mentioned the benefits of an online presence and the advantages of an online presence rather than a purely offline presence. BTEC prototypic in Business Unit 8 Business Online.

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One Thousand And One Nights Essay Example for Free

1 Thousand And One Nights EssayAuthors Note I will confess that sucked-into-video-game styled stories have always been a guilty pastime of mine. My only complaint is that they always tend to follow the same formula. With that in mind, I am expiry to try and switch things up a fight with this story. I hope you enjoy it, and regardless of the feedback organism good or bad, I would love to hear your thoughts.PROLOGUEBy the time you are nine-years-old, you are al pick outy considered a wo humanness. In my mothers country, you could already be married off at that age. You could live in a house with your husbands family, you could bare children, and you can consumate your marriage even before you are of a mature age. Alas, I am not nine, I am not married, and in some respects, Im not yet a woman. At least, Ive never felt that way.To be perfectly honest, Ive always felt like a child. My family may have disciplined me into creation quiet and intelligent, to pray five times a day to Allah, to read the Quran and wear the hijab, and always to get good grades, but Ive always felt this longing for adventure. They wanted me to grow up quickly so I would have a future that was every bit as special and important as the ones promised to other American children. But during my studies, my mind would always pasture to imaginary worlds of castles, dragons, fairies, and of knights and princesses that banded together to save the day.And that feeling would build in my chest warm and comforting, so light that it can almost lift you off your feet, whispering promises of joketer and happiness to come. It isnt easy being a Muslim in a sixth grade class full of conservative Christians, girls with gothic make up, or boys with their pants worn so low that their underwear shows. Despite how different they all in all are from each other, all of them were the same in their treatment towards me. At the very least, my imagination would crack feelings of companionship. Close fri ends who would accept me for who I was and not for what I wore or how many times I had to better and pray throughout the day. At least, when I had finished my homework and had the time to write and draw in my notebooks, I could return to that imaginary place of peace and happiness. And sometimes, as childish as it may sound, I would pretend that such a place existed.Then I was killed.At least, thats what I think happened.The nicest tantrum of imagination is that, in your own world, there are no Islamophobes. in that respect are no battalion who want you dead simply because you are Muslim. You dont have to worry about stepping into the mosque and some scary man driving a van full of explosives into the building. He wanted to take out as many Muslims as he could, and one of them was me.Everything happened so suddenly that its hard to recall exactly how it happened. I regard as hearing glass shattering. The doors leading into the mosque were made of glass, so I assume that was whe re the van drove into the building. There was the sound of doors being broken down, or wood snapping, and then the blast. I was the closest to the wall where the effusion went off. I remember feeling something smash against the side of my head and I briefly remember the conflagrate that followed. There was nothingness for awhile I could not see, think, or hear anything that was happening around me. I could not feel anything anymore. The best way I can accurately describe it would be a black out. Because it happened so quickly, I did not have time to register whether or not I was dead.I reached that conclusion when I woke up here. The Quran describes paradise as a place of liberal trees, sweet water, and pure soil of musk. The dwellers of heaven would not feel the excessive heat of the sun, nor the excessive chilly of the moon. It is a realm of magnificence.This afterlife did not fit that exact description. There were trees larger than any I have seen in this life. There was wate r, beautiful and sweet, with the ability to heal me if I were hurt, or provide me with force when I was weary. There was soil so pure that flowers and plants of all kinds could grow. It was indeed a realm of magnificence, but also a realm of both wonder and ruin.There were times that were heartbreaking. There were moments where I was received I was going to die a second death. There were moments where we would walk and walk and walk with no chance of knowing if we would ever truly reach our destination.But there were moments of happiness and laughter. There were moments where we could laugh about the hardships we had just overcome. And there was that feeling of acceptance. I had found people who did not hate me for what I wore or what I worshipped.Before I continue with my story, I should introduce myselfMy name is Nasira. I was twelve-years-old when I died and woke up on the Mist Continent.

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Tata Essay Example for Free

Tata EssayTata motors has two major marketplace separate that it aims to penetrate with its line of vehicle that it produces. One buns is the low income families and individuals looking to purchase a firstborn car. This target group mostly concentrates itself in the developing nations such as China and India, Tatas have home country. Tatas offering of models such as the Nano and the Indica caters for this department. This target segment also has been the most astray publicized target of Tata Motors. The other segment Tata targets is on the complete opposite side of the economic spectrum.This target segment also has been the most widely publicized target of Tatas. Tatas second target segment is the wealthy individuals and families looking to purchase luxurious cars. Tata targets this group with their offering of shoot Rover and Jaguar lines of automobiles. twain of these highly recognized and respected brand name vehicles were recently acquired by Tata from Ford Motors i n 2008. In order to cater itself to two such divergent groups, Tata motors offers different value offer to each.The value proposition it offers to the first group, the low income individuals and families, is to offer a line of vehicles that are affordable spot still universe safe. This value proposition was clearly evident and communicated when the Nano was announced for release in 2009. However, since then the Nano has become just about of publicity nightmare for Tata as it failed to deliver these proposed value propositions and satisfy its consumers. This unfortunate event became widely publisized in front of an eager world audience still awe struck at Tatas sign daring proposition.In reality, Nanos market price started at $2900, a whopping 45% make up from the initial suggested price of $2000 (Bajaj, 2010). Nano also revealed itself to possess a serious design flaw in its electric system and numerous Nanos were sh profess going ablaze on the news around the world. Tata Moto rs failure to meet its own initial proposition has been blamed on numerous factors from rising metal costs to insufficient way planning (Eyring, 2011). Consumers have reacted very negatively to such a public failure and Tata Motors seeming check to live up to its initial promise and value proposition to them.Sales were affected badly as Tata announced that it had sold only 509units of Nano in November 2010. (Bajaj, 2010)Faced with such a threatening decline in sales number Nano has added another dimension to affordability, one of its proposed value propositions. Using its vast network and influence in India, Tata has started to sell Nano outside of its dealerships. These new locations include places such as grocery retail locations and brings these cars closer to the muckle it targets.Tata has also said that it is actively seeking reasonable financing plans to help its customers make the car to a greater extent affordable (Mint. , 2011). As rollout of their new model Indica prog resses in China, many are waiting to see if the lessons conditioned in India will allow Tata Motors to fully deliver its value propositions to this customer segment (Accord Fintech, 201). The other market segment Tata Motors targets is the wealthy individuals and families looking to buy a luxury car. These offerings are represented by their Land Rover and Jaguar lines (Tata Group).The value proposition offered to this segment is to provide automobiles that consumers can trust and depend upon while giving them a sense of high-class self-satisfaction. As a brand name previously be to Ford motors and less recognized as a Tata brand than its Nano and Indica lines, these two brands have largely flee the recent escapades brought on by Tatas previously discussed public failures. Tata has expressed a hope to finance their long term projects with the steady incomes coming from these two lines (Tata Group, 2010).

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On the Waterfront Essay Example for Free

On the Waterfront EssayKazan does not only use terry cloth Malloy by establishing him a electric ray in On the Waterfront to value individualistic scruples or object lesson return above community loyalty or sense of obligation, only when also other characters the likes of Edie and produce Barry. Unlike terry cloth, who has to gain individual conscience, Edie and acquire Barry have n eer been really closely connected to the community, which allows them individual conscience. Their supporting spot of Terrys moral growth is used by Kazan to evaluate individual conscience, as it also liberates the waterfront. It should not be mis nursen that Kazan does support individual conscience in the deaths of Charley and Dugan who had to die for the possession of a sense of justice. Their deaths were portrayed by Kazan as a type of martyrdom and also had a great impact on Terry, which resulted in his portrayal as a hero. Edie Doyle and father Barry epitomise individual conscience, w hich Kazan attributes to how they are outsiders and allows this value to waver as both of them become more concern with actions of disruption and protest against the corrupt union on the waterfront. yield Barry was a saint who hid in the church building believing that time and faith were great healers. It was Edies sense of justice which pushed Father Barry out of his peaceable role to work for social justice, as she bitingly scorned Father Barrys inability with a close up used so that viewers can tangibly feel her resentment, when Joey had just been pushed turned the roof of the tenement.Father Barry had transformed from being a potato eater (demeaning label of an Irish Catholic simpleton), to risk being shipped off to Abyssinia (a pun perchance as the abyss is death) to break the mobs corrupt grip on the waterfront. The attack on the church did not faze Father Barry condescension the alarming clatter of baseball bats on the pavement and heads being using like baseballs, when the church was under attack by the union. Father Barrys individual conscience grew as he intemperately believed that these people (the community) needed help.This as well as going right down to the fit for Dugan, acted as a catalyst for Father Barrys growth in individual conscience, which had made him a hero in his own right as he had to triumph over his own inhibitions and the conservativist restrictions of and expectations of his role from the church. Edie unlike Father Barry, had already possessed individual conscience (she had contributed to Father Barrys growth to provide justice), but she like Father Barry refrained from perpetually seeking an end to the corruption on the waterfront.Father Barry had sought to back Dugan as he talked to the crime commissioners so that they could charge the union of corruption, yet when Dugan died from an unmistakable accident Father Barry shied away from taking an active role, preferring to be passive in his involvement, as seen when Terry came to ask for advice of whether he should go testify against the union where Father Barry in a bitter shade said that Terrys own conscience has got to do the asking. This may suggest Father Barrys guilt in pushing Dugan to take action which resulted in his death.Edie also refrained from the active role she had taken to find Joeys killer and un acutely fighting against the corrupt union, when she realised she loved Terry. thus not wanting him to die but to come to the country, where there is no insurrectionist Friendly, who controlled the union, and imperil his life. She may have been trying to protect Terry but she did not consider the impact on those who work on the waterfront, including her own father, Pop Doyle, who would continue to be exploited by the union, thus perhaps compromising her morals to an extent.Unlike Terry, Father Barry and Edie were not empowered to stop the corruption of the union on the waterfront. It is in Father Barry and Edies inability to stop corrupt ion that establishes Terry as the hero through with(predicate) his moral growth to individual conscience. Ultimately it is his triumph over the corrupt union to show that individual conscience is determine over community value, when comparing his moral growth to Father Barry and Edies. Kazan allowed the audience to bring home the bacon Terrys tumultuous moral growth allowing strong connection to form between the bodies.It was sacking of Joey that had begun the transformation process that had reignited his bitterness for purposely losing in a boxing final to fulfil Johnny Friendlys bet. Terrys relationship with Edie had also contributed to his growth of moral conscience as an individual, as Terry wanted to protect as he confessed she was the first nice thing that has ever happened to me to Father Barry when he was seeking to know whether he should confess to the crime commission about Joeys death.Father Barry had also encouraged Terry to be truthful to himself to develop individu al conscience, allowing Terry to obtain he was being used by Johnny Friendly (its do it or else when it comes to a favour from Friendly). Terry would not have been a hero with individual conscience if he had not the support from Edie and Father Barry. Terry had to struggle against community loyalty to achieve individual conscience. Kazan uses this struggle to modify the character making him heroic.Terry had always been one of theirs or part of the union as he was the blood brother of Charlie the Gent, he was in a sense also an outsider like Edie and Father Barry from the workers of Hoboken on the docks yet he was driven by self-preservation, which led him to adopt the D n D or Deaf and Dumb creed (not speaking up against anything the union did keeping silent) from the dock workers, which inextricably created a superficial community loyalty as they shared the view that their life was not value a nickel.It was Charlies death that had led to Terry going against community loyalty, as Charlie was his brother and shared a strong connection with each other. Charlie had looked out for Terry as he had sacrificed himself knowing 10 to 1 they (Johnny Friendly) wont believe me. This portrayed Terry as the tragic hero eliciting the sympathy of the audience who will celebrate as Terry topples Johnny Friendlys office of power, as he stumbled battle worn after violently grappling with Friendly into the warehouse to take his position as the new spiritual leader of the workers, with trumpets in the soundtrack heralding his triumph.His growth to individual conscience had led to Terrys redemption of Joey and Charlies death. Community loyalty would not have achieved this. Kazan valued individual conscience in Edie and Father Barry, but through them has shown that though it may motivate them to vote out corruption they may not be empowered to take action. It is through Terry that Kazan strongly set individual conscience by establishing him as an enduring hero, who had to un dergo transformation and go against community loyalty, but also needed support to uproot Johnny Friendly and his corruption.

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The English Patient Essay Example for Free

The face unhurried EssayIdentity Crisis in Michael Ondaatjes The English Patient Lerzan G?ltekin Atillm University in Ankara, Turkey emailprotected edu. tr Abstract The aim of this paper is to analyze individuation crisis in Michael Ondaatjes The English Patient from a post colonial perspective through the concept of contentism and national identity, emphasizing cultural, psychological and personal displacement due to colonization, travelling, exploration and space / place (cartography), referring to the theories and views of Benedict Anderson, Homi Bhabba, Franz Fanon, Edward Said, and so on. The paper will in the main focus on the erasure of the national identities and selves of a group of European explorers, scientists and spies, including the colonized Kip, an Indian, serving as a bomb defuser in the British Army. Even though these scientists mission is to subprogram the desert, they can scarcely achieve it. The desert is uncontrollable and unreliable because of sand storms. Its surface changes rapidly and wiz can be lost forever.In other words, the desert is the metaphor of their unreliable national identities that argon fragmented and varied because of their traumatic personal xperiences in this alien landscape and culture. The paper will emphasize the fragility of identities and selves unconstipated for those who represent European civilization and Imperial Rule as hegemonic powers together with the colonized Kip who is regulate by these powers as a hybrid identity.Key Words hybridity, nationalism, national identity, postnationalism, space / place The English Patient is a unfermented that seeks to explore the problem of identity and displacement, experienced both by coloniser and colonized. As kn admit, identity is a social construct and largely determined by the relationship betwixt self and other. It is through our sense of identity that we identify ourselves as members of various cultural groups or nations as well as social class es which provide us with a sense of belonging.Likewise, nations are communities which provide a sense of belonging through the individuals feeling of connectedness to his or her fellow men. In other words, individuals deem that they are a part of one collective body, buildly, a comm accord known as nation, which is in situation an idea, defined by Benedict Anderson as an imagined political community (6). The survival of nations depend upon nvention and decease penalty of traditions, histories, symbols which help people sustain their identity.However, it mostly depends on traditions and narration of muniment, which are central elements. Therefore, national history is important in the sense that it narrates the past as a common experience that belongs to a community. It creates one particular version of the past and identity to constitue a common past and a collective identity of any given community. In other words, nations are imaginary communities, to use Benedict Andersons ph rase, and nationalism is ground on the very concept of a unified imaginary community.Furthermore, nations shared territory which they believe they own and therefore have the right to separate from other peoples land by means of borders. As an idea, scholars ordinarily agree that it is Western in origin, that it came into existence with the development of Western capitalism, industrialization and colonial expansion, which paved the look for imperialism. However, starting with the 90s, nationalism, nation and national identity began to lose their significance as the world was becoming progressively international, particularly after the period of decolonization.The concept of nation / nationalism nd national identity as Western ideas stimulated colonized peoples to develop their own sense of nationalism and national identity against the colonial, national identity of the West. However, this anticolonial nationalism could not provide the colonised peoples with a sense of homogeneous national unity due to the diversity of ethnic groups within them, particularly because the elite nationalist rule neglected the petty(prenominal) masses and privileged the elite over the subaltern, which turned nationalism into a rule of elite dominations, as argued by Frantz Fanon in his The Wretched of the Earth.Hence, there emerged from Western capitalism and colonization the concepts of nation and nationalism as indispensible components of imperialist expansion, but failing to bring national liberation to the heterogeneous groups of people in the antecedent colonies despite their opposition to imperialist domination as anticolonial nationalism. Be it colonial or anti-colonial, both are essentialist and racist in the sense that they supported the ruling elite while ignoring the less privileged ethnic groups.The English Patient (hereafter will be cited as EP) is a novel that questions he nation and nationalism that shape identities through colonial and anti-colonial nationalism s. The characters are all exiles from their homeland who have gathered together at the Villa San Girolamo at the end of World War II. Hana is a Canadian nurse, who volunteered for war service and who has to have an miscarriage because the father of her unborn child has been killed.Furthermore, she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of the news of her fathers death by burns and her continous dealing with the wounded and the dying. As the Canadian Infantry Division ontinues to advance in Italy, she stays behind at the villa to nurse a dying burnt man who is called the English patient. The third gear member of the villa other than these two is Kip, a Sikh, who is a sapper in the British army and finally, Caravaggio, the thief, an Italian-Canadian who was a booster dose of Hanas father.The novels central figure is the English patient whose identity is already erased as he is burnt beyond recognition. In fact, he is the Hungarian Court Ladislaus de Almasy, a desert explorer who helped the Germans navigate the deserts. Although his duty is to delineate, bring out and in a ense possess the unmapped desert, which is a vast territory, in the end his own identity, which is the map of his own features, has been erased and he is known only as the English patient.In fact, the inhabitants of the Villa are all diplaced because they are exiles who have found new identities in a place other than their homeland. In a sense, they make a new community in the Villa, which is like Eden, isolated from the outside world of war and violence. Since the novel questions colonial and colonial hierarchies, particularly the imperial conception of space/place through the apping of the desert, which is an instrument of colonial domination, and the deserts elusiveness because of its vastness and uncontrollable sand storms.In fact, mapping a space means to name it and possess it as it becomes a place as seized territory, which will help invaders, explorers and traders to realize their plans and aspirations. Almasy is aware of the fact that mapping is a form of knowledge for power and domination The ends of the earth are never the points on a map that colonists push against, enlarging their sphere of influence. On one side servants and slaves and tides of ower and correspondence with the Geographical Society.

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Types of Behaviors Essay Example for Free

Types of Behaviors EssayDescription In this assignment, you will entertain the principles of spotless and operant conditioning, as well as the notions derived from cognitive explanations of acquirement. You will write a report card on one of two types of ports that plunder be readily explained from a learning perspective.Using a Microsoft Word document, write a 500- to 750-word paper that explains the development of one of the following expressions. (Be sure to specify the behavior you atomic number 18 discussing in your paper.)*Fear-driven reactions to insects*Cigarette smoking*AggressionFor the chosen behavior, use the models of learning to explain how the behavior whitethorn develop and be maintained, so that it seems to occur automatically. scholarship is the tho perspective considered so do not attempt to use other explanations (i.e., the psychodynamic or biological approach) in your answer.When preparing your paper, consider the following questions* How exponen t classical conditioning principles apply to the origins of the behavior and maintenance of it? Clearly indicate what the un instruct and conditioned stimuli are in your answer.* How might the principles of reinforcement discussed in operant conditioning apply to the behavior? Dont forget that reinforcement can be either positive or prohibit in nature.* How do cognitive principles apply to the behavior? Specifically consider Albert Banduras ideas regarding imitational learning.Your paper should be well-written, original, free of grammar and spell out errors, and follow APA format. Behavior can be defined as the sum total of all the actions and reactions performed by an individual in a given circumstance or situation in the environment. Aggression is a behavior intended to cause harm or pain to others or the self. It may be in the form a physical action or verbal. The models of learning attempt to describe the manner in which an individual learns a particular behavior. Some of the models of learning through which an individual develops in-your-face behavior accommodate classical conditioning, operant conditioning and social learning theory. Classical conditioning was a model of learning defined by Pavlov following his studies on dogs. Pavlov found that when dogs were instituten food their salivation increased (Braslau-Schneck, S., 1998). Food in this slick was an innate stimulus that defecated an unconditioned response (salivation) (Braslau-Schneck, S., 1998). He then repeatedly presented a stimulus to the dogs which was slowly associated with food (such as footsteps). Slowly the dogs began to associate the footsteps (which after constant repetition became a conditioned stimulus) and began to produce a conditioned response (salivation).In this way several other emotions such as idolatry and aggression can be conditioned in an individual (Braslau-Schneck, S., 1998). In the famous JB Watsons experimentation over little Albert, Watson initially presente d a loud sound (unconditioned stimulus) that made the body frightened and yell (unconditioned response) due to fear. He then presented two stimuli simultaneously, that is a rat and a loud sound. Over a period of time the boy began to associate the rat with the loud sound. The rat with repetition became a conditioned reflex producing a conditioned response (symptoms of fear).A good instance of this with relevance to aggression includes instauration of an artificial hand that snatches away the food whilst a hungry dog is eating. The dog would exhibit an aggressive reflex (such as barking which is an unconditioned response) to the artificial hand (unconditioned stimulus). The dog is then presented a high-frequency sound (audible only to dogs followed) by the appearance of the hand. Following repetitions, the dog would bark (conditioned response) after it hears the high-frequency sound (conditioned stimulus), and would not wait until it is presented with the unconditioned stimulus. Ac cording to Skinners operant theory, the individual when performing an action in the environment, experiences a stimulus (that encourages or discourages such behavior) which will directly affect the performance of such actions over again in the environment. It consists of a action and the results. If positive reinforcement occurs following the action, the individual will perform the similar action again in the environment, and will also increase its frequency (Boeree, G. C., 1998). However, if the action is followed by an aversive stimulus or negative reinforcement, there will be reduced chances of performing the same behavior in the future. A good example of aversive stimuli is punishment, which can follow several aggressive acts. Rigorous imprisonment can be pronounced for several criminal activities so that it can act as a negative reinforcement. Albert Bandura discovered the social learning theory of behavior (Isom, M. D., 1998). He considered that aggressive behavior is usually wise(p) through a process known as behavior modeling, which can occur in different ways (especially by observing elders perform in case of churlren) (Isom, M. D., 1998). A child may become aggressive and certain reinforcements may be experienced such as financial gains, rewards, praises from parents, decrease in internal stress, etc. Parents and family members were often considered as models by the children, and acts performed by them were likely to be imitated. The child will only perform the action of its model if the model was successful or is rewarded. A classical experiment to demonstrate the social learning theory is the famous Bobo doll experiments in which the children observed elders fight a doll, and later imitated the action of the elders. This type of observational learning was known as modeling. Children who render a tendency to demonstrate aggressive behavior should be identified immediately in separate to prevent aggressive behavior and criminal activity, later in life (Isom, M. D., 1998).Banduras theory was comparable to Skinners theory because observational learning (as the child would learn only the actions that were successful or were being rewarded) is similar to a positive reinforcement. An individual is most likely to learn criminal behavior during the adolescent stage. Children tend to follow the actions of the same sex parents (Bjorkqvist, K., 1997). Studies have shown that children who tend to watch TV (especially those programs that show violence) are at a higher risk of demonstrating aggressive behavior later in life.ReferencesBjorkqvist, K. (1997). Learning aggression from Models from a social Learning toward a Cognitive theory of Modeling. In Feshbach, S., Zagrodzka, J. (Ed), Aggression Biological, Developmental, and societal Perspectives, New York Plenum Press. http//www.vasa.abo.fi/svf/up/articles/Learning_Aggression_From_Models.PDFBoeree, G. C. (1998). Albert Bandura Personality Theory. Retrieved December 26, 2006, Fro m Shippensburg University weathervane station http//www.ship.edu/cgboeree/bandura.htmlBoeree, G. C. (1998). B. F. Skinner Personality Theory. Retrieved December 26, 2006, From Shippensburg University Web site http//www.ship.edu/%7Ecgboeree/skinner.htmlBraslau-Schneck, S. (1998). An Animal Trainers Introduction to Operant and Classical Conditioning. Retrieved December 26, 2006, Stacys Wag and Train Web site http//www.wagntrain.com/OC/Isom, M. D. (1998). The Social Learning Theory. Retrieved December 26, 2006, FSU College of Criminology and Criminal Justice Web site http//www.criminology.fsu.edu/crimtheory/bandura.htm