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Sassoon siegfried Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sassoon siegfried - Essay ExampleThs history books r concrnd with th Grt Wr nd how popl djustd to diffrnt circumstncs during tht priod. D Brnirs nd Sssoon hv diffrnt viwpoints nd thir writings diffr from ch othr.DBrnirs dscriptions of wr is xcruciting, ll too rl, s th uthor tks th rdr to th y of th cyclon to xplin how advantageously mn bcom trnsformd into morl nimls nd t th sm tim los thir souls. This is th rl horror to wr, th dstruction of th hauteur tht humns r trying to striv for. nd thus th book is cvt to ll ldrs to think mor dply bout th estimable rmifictions of rushing off to wr. Th min chrctr of th book is Cptin Corlli who is th snior Itlin officr in villg on n occupid Grk Islnd. His humnity rchs byond indignous hostility. Th Itlin rmy occupis th islnd maiden, nd th Itlins hv rltivly sy-going rltionship with th islndrs. cntrl chrctr is n Itlin cptin, ntonio Corlli, who plys th mndolin. Th othr min chrctrs r young womn, Plgi, hr fthr, Dr. Inns, locl doctor who is tching his dughtr ll bout hrbl mdicins, nd Plgis boyfrind, Mndrs, Grk prtisn fighting th Grmns. In his book Louis D Brnirs dscribs Dr Inns s vry ddictd to his job Dr Innis hd njoyd stisfctory dy in which non of his ptints hd did or got ny wors...( Louis D Brnirs ). Whn th cptin is injurd nd is trtd by th doctor h mts Plgi, nd thy fll for ch othr. This mks for complictd sitution, sinc th two r on opposit sids in th wr nd sinc Plgi is nggd to th prtisn, Mndrs. Things gt vn mor complictd whn th Grmns rriv nd put n nd to th sy-going rltionship btwn th islndrs nd th occupirs. s wll s bing profound story bout humn rltionships, this is lso wr story, nd th uthor shows us how popl r trnsformd by wr. Through th cptin nd his Grk finc, it is finly xprssd ffirmtion of th humn spirit. Th moving runion in old g is crtinly for th lchrymos. Yt, in ssnc, Cptin Corlli mbodis blk honsty which is th vry ntithsis of sntimntlity, nd which mks d Brnirs ultimt ffirmtion of humnity ll th mor powrful for bing so vidntl y hrd-won. Oddly nough, his rdrs sm to rcogniz this mor clrly thn h dos himslf if thrs on thing tht nnoys vryon bout th book, its th nding - by dlying th ultimt runion of Plgi nd th cptin for 50 yrs, d Brnirs sms to btry n uncrtinty s to whthr his rsolution hs bn truly dsrvd. Still, it coms in th nd. Indd, it is strng to rd novl so full of pin, which nvrthlss lvs on with such strong sns of joy. Myb its succss, for tht vry rson, should itslf b considrd lif ffirming on.D Brnirs smlssly mixs brod comdy with grphic dscriptions of suffring or violnc, tndr pisods nd visionry flights of fncy. His book is lso highly sxd, bwdy nd stiricl. Cptin Corllis spcil good-natured of historicl romnc ws, howvr, somthing of dprtur from his rlir novls full us of mgic rlism. Sigfrid Sssoon rmins mong th bst known soldir pots of th Grt Wr of 1914-18. Mmoirs of n Infntry Officr, th bst known of his wr mmoirs, ws first publishd in 1930. Mmoirs of n Infntry Officr is th scond volum of Sigfrid Sssoons fiction lizd utobiogrphy. Th first nd third volums r Mmoirs of Fox-Hunting Mn, nd Shrstons Progrss, rspctivly. Whn this book ws first publishd in 1930, th vrg rdr my not hv rcognizd Shrston s n unrlibl nrrtor, but upon scond rding, much of wht th nrrtor tlls us grows in irony. Ths lins from Convlscnc r typicl of th gm h plys with th rdr Bsid th bd thr ws bowl of whit lilc nd Bibl. Opning it t rndom to try my luck, I put my fingr on th following vrs from th Pslms Th words of his

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