Saturday, April 27, 2019

MIH548 - Theory Based Research - Mod 1 SLP Essay

MIH548 - Theory Based Research - stylish 1 SLP - Essay ExampleSince these are chromic acquired diseases, these are preventable. Again current research has indicated that physical performance should be promoted as a frequent health measure in order to prevent these conditions, and absence seizure of many of these conditions in itself is physical eudaemonia. However, public health policies have failed to promote physical activities in a large scale across communities, and thus there must be a gap in understanding these barriers in implementation. This calls for a theoretical research in order to update the current intimacy and to identify any gap in the knowledge, so a practical guideline for the physical activity promotion may be created.In order to do that three studies on the topic of friendship between physical activity and wellbeing will be chosen for critical review, so a summary of theory of this association can be made found on these studies. Thus based on key words phys ical activity and wellbeing a literature search was conducted in the ProQuest database, and three very recent articles were identified to critically review them in order to establish the association. Since wellbeing is a term that is succession nonspecific, the selection criteria would include research done on any age group. Some mental health studies were located which correlated between physical activity and mental health, and it was obstinate that at least one study will be included in the review which examines public health implications of physical activity from the mental wellbeing point of view.The objective of this study was to examine the effect of 17 weeks of micronutrient supplement as opposed to physical exercise on the psychological wellbeing in the elderly population. The sample chosen was a group of 139 frail elderly subjects who were living in separate living facilities. All the participants at baseline were physical inactive due to frailty with either weight uni t loss or body mass index of less

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