Wednesday, April 24, 2019

DISCUSSION BOARD PART 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

DISCUSSION BOARD PART 2 - Essay manakinIt is actually claimed, Medic atomic number 18 fake costs the U.S. government approximately $80 billion a year (Stefanacci, 2010, p. 1). The federal government as well as healthcare legislative bodies in the healthcare industry grant it extremely difficult to address this paradox adequately since the healthcare industry relies heavily on health and billing records to track Medicaid fraud (Kra theatrical role, 2010). More nonably, introduce of fraud becomes difficult since reimbursement formulas are not appropriate. Additionally, proficient advancement especially in information systems has not been fully utilized to address the issue. However, hope in addressing this issue is still overwhelming as research that is more rigorous and fruitful continues to find raise in policy implementers.Healthcare industry is continually benefiting from technological advancement. However, integrating technology and information systems that are more rel iable to address Medicaid fraud has not yielded a lot since the specific problem has not in so far been addressed. Therefore, the main point of concern for this research is to find the most appropriate and appealing use of technology and information systems to solve the menace of Medicaid fraud.Whereas it is a basic and constitutional human right to have access to affordable and appropriate healthcare, Medicaid programs are heavily compromised by Medicaid fraud. More specifically, approaches to address the issue of Medicaid fraud are yet to yield meaningful results since they rely heavily on traditional methods of health records. The problem becomes even more complicated when reimbursement formulas have not been harmonized and information systems have not yet been fully optimized to address this problem.From a perfectionist point of view, healthcare industry needs a near-perfect system of tracking Medicaid fraud for there to be meaningful

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