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On the Waterfront Essay Example for Free

On the Waterfront EssayKazan does not only use terry cloth Malloy by establishing him a electric ray in On the Waterfront to value individualistic scruples or object lesson return above community loyalty or sense of obligation, only when also other characters the likes of Edie and produce Barry. Unlike terry cloth, who has to gain individual conscience, Edie and acquire Barry have n eer been really closely connected to the community, which allows them individual conscience. Their supporting spot of Terrys moral growth is used by Kazan to evaluate individual conscience, as it also liberates the waterfront. It should not be mis nursen that Kazan does support individual conscience in the deaths of Charley and Dugan who had to die for the possession of a sense of justice. Their deaths were portrayed by Kazan as a type of martyrdom and also had a great impact on Terry, which resulted in his portrayal as a hero. Edie Doyle and father Barry epitomise individual conscience, w hich Kazan attributes to how they are outsiders and allows this value to waver as both of them become more concern with actions of disruption and protest against the corrupt union on the waterfront. yield Barry was a saint who hid in the church building believing that time and faith were great healers. It was Edies sense of justice which pushed Father Barry out of his peaceable role to work for social justice, as she bitingly scorned Father Barrys inability with a close up used so that viewers can tangibly feel her resentment, when Joey had just been pushed turned the roof of the tenement.Father Barry had transformed from being a potato eater (demeaning label of an Irish Catholic simpleton), to risk being shipped off to Abyssinia (a pun perchance as the abyss is death) to break the mobs corrupt grip on the waterfront. The attack on the church did not faze Father Barry condescension the alarming clatter of baseball bats on the pavement and heads being using like baseballs, when the church was under attack by the union. Father Barrys individual conscience grew as he intemperately believed that these people (the community) needed help.This as well as going right down to the fit for Dugan, acted as a catalyst for Father Barrys growth in individual conscience, which had made him a hero in his own right as he had to triumph over his own inhibitions and the conservativist restrictions of and expectations of his role from the church. Edie unlike Father Barry, had already possessed individual conscience (she had contributed to Father Barrys growth to provide justice), but she like Father Barry refrained from perpetually seeking an end to the corruption on the waterfront.Father Barry had sought to back Dugan as he talked to the crime commissioners so that they could charge the union of corruption, yet when Dugan died from an unmistakable accident Father Barry shied away from taking an active role, preferring to be passive in his involvement, as seen when Terry came to ask for advice of whether he should go testify against the union where Father Barry in a bitter shade said that Terrys own conscience has got to do the asking. This may suggest Father Barrys guilt in pushing Dugan to take action which resulted in his death.Edie also refrained from the active role she had taken to find Joeys killer and un acutely fighting against the corrupt union, when she realised she loved Terry. thus not wanting him to die but to come to the country, where there is no insurrectionist Friendly, who controlled the union, and imperil his life. She may have been trying to protect Terry but she did not consider the impact on those who work on the waterfront, including her own father, Pop Doyle, who would continue to be exploited by the union, thus perhaps compromising her morals to an extent.Unlike Terry, Father Barry and Edie were not empowered to stop the corruption of the union on the waterfront. It is in Father Barry and Edies inability to stop corrupt ion that establishes Terry as the hero through with(predicate) his moral growth to individual conscience. Ultimately it is his triumph over the corrupt union to show that individual conscience is determine over community value, when comparing his moral growth to Father Barry and Edies. Kazan allowed the audience to bring home the bacon Terrys tumultuous moral growth allowing strong connection to form between the bodies.It was sacking of Joey that had begun the transformation process that had reignited his bitterness for purposely losing in a boxing final to fulfil Johnny Friendlys bet. Terrys relationship with Edie had also contributed to his growth of moral conscience as an individual, as Terry wanted to protect as he confessed she was the first nice thing that has ever happened to me to Father Barry when he was seeking to know whether he should confess to the crime commission about Joeys death.Father Barry had also encouraged Terry to be truthful to himself to develop individu al conscience, allowing Terry to obtain he was being used by Johnny Friendly (its do it or else when it comes to a favour from Friendly). Terry would not have been a hero with individual conscience if he had not the support from Edie and Father Barry. Terry had to struggle against community loyalty to achieve individual conscience. Kazan uses this struggle to modify the character making him heroic.Terry had always been one of theirs or part of the union as he was the blood brother of Charlie the Gent, he was in a sense also an outsider like Edie and Father Barry from the workers of Hoboken on the docks yet he was driven by self-preservation, which led him to adopt the D n D or Deaf and Dumb creed (not speaking up against anything the union did keeping silent) from the dock workers, which inextricably created a superficial community loyalty as they shared the view that their life was not value a nickel.It was Charlies death that had led to Terry going against community loyalty, as Charlie was his brother and shared a strong connection with each other. Charlie had looked out for Terry as he had sacrificed himself knowing 10 to 1 they (Johnny Friendly) wont believe me. This portrayed Terry as the tragic hero eliciting the sympathy of the audience who will celebrate as Terry topples Johnny Friendlys office of power, as he stumbled battle worn after violently grappling with Friendly into the warehouse to take his position as the new spiritual leader of the workers, with trumpets in the soundtrack heralding his triumph.His growth to individual conscience had led to Terrys redemption of Joey and Charlies death. Community loyalty would not have achieved this. Kazan valued individual conscience in Edie and Father Barry, but through them has shown that though it may motivate them to vote out corruption they may not be empowered to take action. It is through Terry that Kazan strongly set individual conscience by establishing him as an enduring hero, who had to un dergo transformation and go against community loyalty, but also needed support to uproot Johnny Friendly and his corruption.

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