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How did the wartime mobilization affect American politics what were Essay

How did the wartime mobilization see American politics what were the provisions of the GI Bill what was important about the 1944 presidential election - bear witness ExampleIntroduction of rail mode and conscription made mobilization an issue. Societal changes and the technology promoted the move toward a more organized way of assembling armies. Although, the benefits of wartime mobilization did not create a level compete field for most Americans, there was transformation among the people and the nation at large (it finished winning the United States out of the Great Depression) (Rosenberg, p629). The opportunity and obstacles that came either wartime mobilization affected the people the very way they vied themselves in the society. For instance, women moved into jobs that were largely dominated by men, hence changing the role of women in the society. Furthermore, mobilization brought about civil rights Africa Americans serving in were less likely to be segregated.The GI vizor was created to support the World War II veterans. It provides low interest rate mortgages, established hospitals, and it provided stipends covering expenses and tuition for veterans tending trade schools or colleges. The GI BILL is termed as one on most significant pitch of legislation to be produced by the federal government. It had influenced the economic, social, and political status of the United States (Humes, p110) however, it almost never came to be due to the debate on the provisions of the GI BILL. However, despite all the differences they agreed that the veteran moldiness be helped to be able to assimilate into the civilian life. It also was commonly referred to as the GI BILL of rights. As much as the congress was giving a chance for redemption some, saw it as a genuine attempt to thwart a looming economic and social crisis. Others saw inaction as a way of welcoming another depression.In 1944, the dominant issues at that time were war and peace. Therefore, the candidat es were judged by their ability to compete with the war effort United States being the

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