Monday, April 15, 2019

Kenneth Nierman Essay Example for Free

Kenneth Nierman EssayKenneth A. Nierman (born 1954)(1)(2) is Founder and President of the Center for Bankruptcy Planning, and Principal of Adversity fiscal Planners. His work to pioneer Financial Planning for Bankruptcy, is unparalleled.Mr. Nierman has been honored for his innovative work in advancing educational and entertaining economic concepts. One of his first economic papers was a discussion of a access coarse level of the world economies. His first theorem on this discussion was available in 1987(doc). The Great Leveling was among the earliest neo-economic discussions about the effect s of improved technology in communication, creating a near-perfect, almost instantaneous, menstruation of information. It was a major factor in the breakup of the Soviet Union, and the early awareness of dictator conquering of their citizens.His theorem expressed that as information run became instantaneous, that economies of third world countries would benefit tremendously at the cons tant and unrecoverable loss of the economic world powers. This would not mean that third world economies would become as as rich as the world leaders it would simply mean that the incremental increase in the existing standard of living would seem exponential and people in those countries would feel substantially wealthier. It would in like manner mean that the great world economic powers would experience a loss of current standards of living. A fall down so much so that the people in those countries would experience economic and emotional pain beyond anything they had previously experienced.The Great Leveling would create a permanent shift in a volume of the world economies. World economic leaders would experience subtle or sharp, extended or immediate, decreases in citizen standards of living. The economic pain experienced would be permanent and would take years for the citizens to realize the new ordinary of a decreased lifestyle. Simple or drastic decreases in personal and h ousehold cash flow would have compounding effects through with(predicate)out the economy of the country.His undocumented, yet historically discussed economic theorems include The Great Leveling, The Baby-boom Retirement Myth, and Creative Destruction within the Entrepreneur World.Early life and educationNierman was born in Eastern Colorado in a small but innovative farming community of hard-working farmers and entrepreneurs (world renowned golf course footnote goes here).Family history. Parents were Alvin Kenneth Nierman and Teresa Marie (Natter) Nierman.Father died. Mother died.Sisters, Marilyn Irene Nierman (b.1949-), Alyce Dianne Nierman (b.1951-).Wife, Stacia(Stacy) Jo Nierman (Coven)(b.1956-). Married to Stacy, 19 January 1980 at King of corona Lutheran Church, Arvada, Colorado.Formal Education. Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins, Colorado and Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), Portales, New Mexico. invoice in Business.After graduating from CSU, married to Stac y, moved to Lakewood, Colorado. First job was as a stockbroker with otc Net, Denver, Colorado. OTC Net specialized in underwriting venture capital developmental stage publicly held companies. After the obstruction of OTC Net in 1982, he went to work with E.F. Hutton in Fort Collins, Colorado. He worked with E.F. Hutton until 1984 and moved to Shearson Lehman Brothers in Denver, Colorado. In 1986, he moved to PAMCO Securities, a new firm offering financial services through local and regional savings and loans, and commercial banks.

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