Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Many of us have seen at least advertisements for this Japanese animation (if you have not, you must have been incarcerated, in a comma or on crack). Innocent looking is it not? But is this really a harmless children's show or a horrific mind controlling device being used on our nations children. One of the major themes of Pokemon is the containment of elemental and physical forces in the forms of cute little creatures with sub-human, super animal intelligence. Basically they are beasts with the powers of gods. Today we have statistics and chaos to predict random events, do we really need this modern mythology? Anyhow this franchise is really a cover for a sinister polytheistic religion bent on dominating children's minds. What a parent see as a harmless toy is really seen by the children as religious icon that they worship. No longer are their ritualistic sacrifices of crops/animals or humans, instead seek sacrifice of cash in the name of the cult. Children see the pokemon as gifts from the gods to the pokemon masters for loyal devotions to the various gods like Thor (Pikachu), Neptune (Squirtle) and others as well as spirits like the sirens (JigglyPuff). These kids will literally pray to, cry over, kill and die for these creatures. Another problem is the concept of the portraying the concept of the "power of one". What is the idea of the of putting that shit in a child's mind. Telling a child they can get ahead by trusting in their own abilities will lead them to loss and a world of pain. Some examples, Joan of Arc got burned alive, Harry Houdini was punched in the stomach and his appendix burst, and Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. What will these children do when they make a stupid decision get in real trouble and their precious Pocket Monsters will not come to their aid?

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