Friday, September 27, 2019

Motivation and Oerformance Management Assignment

Motivation and Oerformance Management - Assignment Example Job satisfaction is the gratification of an employee in the company and to the position held. It can also be the lack of satisfaction of the employee in the company. It comes as a result of the relationship between the employee and the position that he or she holds together with a positive or negative feelings that he or she holds. Job satisfaction is related to the attitude an employee has in the job. Organizational commitment can, on the other hand, get the definition as a strong feeling of responsibility that a person has towards the goals that are set by the company. Organizational commitment is also referred to as the attachment that a person has towards the workplace (Hiam, 2003). The impact of attitude to the job satisfaction is direct. On the case of organizational commitment, there is a focus on the attitude of the employee towards the organization as a whole. Despite the fact that there is a stronger relationship between commitment and satisfaction there is also the idea that satisfaction is caused by commitment. However, there is a difference between commitment and satisfaction in an organization (Kearney & Berman, 2009). According to Hiam (2003) motivation influences the performance of an employee in an organization. The work environment and the ability of the employee are also determinants in the performance of an employee. Problems in the motivation of the employees should face scrutiny in every organization. It is because of the significance of motivation in determining the performance of the company. The perceptions that are held by an individual employee play a vital role in the approach of the motivational theory that can be use by an organization. One of the approaches is the equity theory. It establishes how the workers recognize the rewards handed to them by the company in exchange to the task they complete. On the case that the employees view the rewards as

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