Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Will involvement affect academic performance Research Paper

Will involvement affect academic performance - Research Paper Example It also outlines the method I used to research and the questions to come up with a substantial conclusion. The method I used in the research was survey monkey which has an online platform where specific questions can be asked for a particular research. The first question I inquired related to the rank of class of an individual. This question enabled me to know the general performance of the class and the various factors that influenced their performance. In cases where the class performance was good, the individual would tell me that they spend much time studying in groups while at times individually. To the contrary, the student whose class was ranked low the students were less involved in their studies in terms of working as a team. The other question that I enquired is about the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA). This would help me to know how the students involved socially perform as compared to the students who kept their studies first. It was evident that those students that were more involved in the social life had a lower GPA while those that concentrated in their studies had a higher GPA. Another question that I asked related to the number of hours a student took to study. This question would enable me to know how the student managed their time during free time. For those that were working, I inquired how much time they were involved in their studies and their social life. This would enable me to know how their involvement in working would affect their studies. I also wanted to find out if the student were involved in any student organizations as it helped me identify the positive or negative impact to a student. The research also made me ask the students how often they went home to visit their families. Some students would say twice a month while others stated that every weekend they travelled to visit their families. I also wanted to find out if the student were dating and the

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