Thursday, November 21, 2019

Develop an analysis on US modes of transportaation and security Essay

Develop an analysis on US modes of transportaation and security - Essay Example With regards to land transportation such as the train system or mass transport system, preparedness for emergency situations was increased through training and holding of emergency drills (Dillingham, 2003). Securing the mass transport system via land is more challenging than securing the transport modes through water and air. The high ridership, the open access features, the high costs of security improvements, vastness of the urban area, the existence of multiple access points and the problem of coordination with the various stakeholders make this type of transportation mode difficult to secure (Guerrero, 2002). Despite these challenges, the agencies involved in mass transport have come up with safety and security measures namely: â€Å"1) vulnerability assessments; 2) fast-track security improvements; 3) immediate, inexpensive security improvements; 4) intensified security presence; 5) increased emergency drills; 6) revised emergency plans; and 7) additional training on anti-terr orism† (Guerrero, 2002). Specifically, there will be increased surveillance, more cameras, a mobile security team that handles random checking of passengers and bags, more police and bomb-sniffing canines (Levitz, 2010). With regards to water transport, security in ports was increased. There will be police officers from the port authority and explosives detection canine handlers who will board the ferry. Passenger and cargo screening is also implemented. Aviation security is implemented by screening the passengers and the property in the plane (Dillingham, 2003). Federal passenger screeners check all bags with the use of explosive detection system. Other alternative means for screening passengers and baggage were employed like canine teams, hand searches and passenger-bag matching. Federal air marshals are also deployed. Furthermore, reinforced cockpit doors in aircrafts were

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