Sunday, November 3, 2019

HRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

HRM - Essay Example rocess are referrals of the employee, organization advertisement on job vacancies, direct sourcing, use of recruitment agencies, and organizing events to find suitable professionals for the job. Employee referral will involve the organization to identify qualified candidates from the existing ones within the organization. This approach will encourage the Human Resource Management to select and recruit the most qualified employees as per the organization requirements. This approach is very cost effective and efficient method of recruiting candidates. One of the most challenging factors of this approach is the balancing of diversity in the organization (Hayes and Jack, 2009). This is due to over dependant on the method of recruitment. It is understood that the direct contact between the candidate and the referral employee will enable them to increase their knowledge and will enable the candidate for the job to understand the organization better. Direct sourcing involves the talent management in the Human Resource Management to identify and assess qualified applicants. This process is done through proactive recruiting techniques. This approach will be performed by a professional recruiter who is supposed to define the sourcing (Jackson, Randall and Steve, 2011). This sourcing of the applicants will be achieved when the name, job title, job function and contact information for the likely candidate to be selected is determined by the applicant recruiter A recruitment agency is an outside organization from the one which is looking to recruit new staff employees. They match employers to employees. The reason for some organization to use the recruitment agencies is based on the time management of the organization. Recruiting right professionals for a job will require a lot of time and this makes some organization to consider looking for this alternative of recruitment agencies (Neider and Chester, 2003). It should be noted that every employee who is recruited through

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