Sunday, November 17, 2019

Personal development business studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal development business studies - Essay Example According to the job importance review, the most important areas identified are self confidence and assertiveness, the ability to listen to others and to motivate them by understanding and empathizing with their needs. The least important areas are logical, statistical and critical thinking skills, effective time management and achieving performance standards. This analysis indicates that this is not a technical job that involves statistical or critical thinking skills, neither is it a job where set standards are to be achieved. Rather the focus is on the candidate’s self confidence and ability to empathize with others. The significant difference in terms of job skills vs. my skills is that my ability to listen to others is not good while this is a high priority in the job. My excellent ability to control and manage myself is not likely to be important in this job. For this job, I need to develop my listening skills, to be patient and devote time to letting people share their views. For the future, I may need to develop my abilities to work effectively in a team and also improve my communication skills. The steep analysis conducted for this organization shows that it is predominantly concerned with the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and is a youth oriented career. It involves people of different socio economic groups. Electronic and Internet facilities are available at the job site for use where necessary and there is a focus on the conservation of energy. Economically, the job is one that is not stable, rather it goes through a boom-bust cycle. There are political efforts on to introduce the European working model into this arena, with specified minimum wage levels. This analysis indicates that I am in a job where it is necessary for me to be healthy and physically active, since I need to retire early, therefore it is probably sports related. This is also a job where I have to work with people from different racial groups, so it is

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