Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Assignment 2: Reflection Essay

general I am doing pretty well with each of the four components of interpersonal potential, competence, mad cognizance, mindfulness and ethics. The person I interviewed as my partner, was my babe Tanya. This is how she thinks I am doing on each of the four components She thinks that my interpersonal effectiveness I brook great relationships with family and death friends. She likewise says that I pee a good balance between priorities and self-indulgence. Tanya also says that I have self-respect and I respect others as well. Now with the competence component she thinks that I am roaring in e genuinelything as broad as I stay focused on my goal. Tanya also says that I have complaisant and mastered several things such as earning an Associates Degree, a reckoner skills certificate, an office skills certificate, and I have long time experience in cashiering. She says that I am in truth in personal credit line to others emotions and that I am a very emotional person mysel f.My sis also tells me that I instinctively know when soul is happy, sad, angry, or just simply unavoidably a hug. She also tells me that I am very emotional and I extern all toldy show those emotions. With mindfulness and ethics my sister says that I demonstrate effective mindfulness in my allday tasks, which leads to good honourable decisions. She also says that I am very mindful when it comes to making all of my decisions. In a nut shell my sister is trying to get across that because I am very mindful of the choices I make, it reflects on my highly ethical standards and enforces. The results of the stimulated Intelligence Self-Assessment Test in faculty 1 were very accurate. I have learned that what my sister has written somewhat me is very accurate with what the assessment foot race has informed me of my true emotional intelligence assessment, which I have known all along. Although, I contain to work on the competence more.These tenets of interpersonal communication a ffects me positively in my personal life and my faculty member life, but my professional life I have some ways to go yet. Two key insights for this assignment for me would be that I found out that I am more competent than I thought I was, (I still need to work on this ara.) and I have very good emotional intelligence. smell back on the goals that I perplex for myself, the new behaviors that I can practice that will help me reach them are the fourcomponents of emotional intelligence, interpersonal effectiveness, competence, mindfulness and ethics. I take pride in myself because I do my best to everlastingly use the above mentioned components all day, every day.

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