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Body soul destinction Essay

Body soul destinction Essay

‘Religious philosophy can offer no firm evidence for a distinction between body and soul.’ Discuss.Humans appear to have both a body and a mind, the body which is related to physical movements and appearances. And the mind which relates to feelings and emotions, qualia.This it is distracted by earthly wants and desires.Plato old saw the body and soul as two separate entities. The soul that most closely resembles the eminent divine and immortal. While the body resembles the human and mortal, which is endlessly changing and can be broken down. Plato was not trying to suggest the soul was perfect as it joined the body which it is inhibited by, however, he explains that by taking care of the soul the person can develop knowledge.To be able to comprehend the difference between itself and the brain, we have to first learn how to differentiate between the own mind and the body.

On the other hand for the mind to be stimulated it has other needs how that are met through deep thought and learning. However, there is a flaw to Plato’s theory, how can you have two completely different substances that are the same thing? Plato’s theory suggests the whole body and soul can work together to achieve a higher level of existence, but if the body wired and soul are completely different there is no evidence to suggest they would be compatible.Another dualist, Aquinas took a more more religious view of dualism. He believed that the body and soul were separate and described the soul as that which animates the body or ‘anima.Humans have the soul that is the rational soul.Evidence for religious views on the soul come extract from the bible.Within the new testament, there are stories of Jesus’ resurrection that suggest dualism. Within one particular story Jesus’ first disciples are walking to Emaus. Along the way they are joined by a ma n, it is only when they arrive at Emaus and offer the man a place to eat and stay that he lurid reveals himself as Jesus.His theory is difficult to comprehend.

He accepted that everything non physical is in the mind and therefore divine must be distinct from the body. The mind according to Descartes is non – spatial and is distinct from material and bodily substances.He suggested deeds that everything has characteristics and that the mind and body’s characteristics are different therefore hey curfew must be separate. For example a property of the mind may be consciousness, whereas the human body has more aesthetic qualities such as height breadth etc.Although Dawkins concept relies on empirical evidence logical and its been proved that genes decide certain portions of a persons traits there is no evidence to imply deeds that genes compose the whole of an individuals personality and so it might be observed deeds that there might be something else, this could be the soul.† A man’s soul is that to which the pure mental properties of a old man belong.† Richard Swinburne developed a dualist view based on th e soul being indestructible and indivisible. Swinburne suggested that is a logical possibility good for a person to exist after the body dies, as the soul lives on. The soul according to Swinburne is linked keyword with mental processes and activity and it’s independent from the body.Many philosophers earn a distinction between brain and the body, the dualist view there is a person created of two substances that are individual.

On the other hand although the further details of the experiences seem to be accurate there is no proof that the experiences may not be caused by another physical phenomena.On the other hand Dawkins, a biological materialist would disagree with the opinion that the soul logical and the body are separate substances. Dawkins bases his theory on evolution and genetics. He would reject any concept of an eternal soul and therefore rejects dualism.Therefore, the very first intention of soul because the original form would be to metabolize.Genes according to Dawkins program who a person is, and it is DNA deeds that singly creates what a person looks like as well as their personality. For Dawkins chorus both the mind and body are controlled by the DNA and therefore he suggests that there is no need for a soul. Although Dawkins theory is based on empirical evidence and it has been proved that certain specific genes decide certain parts of a persons characteristics there is yet no proof to suggest that genes make up the whole of a someone’s personality and therefore it could be seen that there may be something else, how this may be the soul.John Hick has formed a view of religious materialism.Secondly, neither the girl nor the pregnancy has to be punished because the woman may have troubles which could stop her from taking good care of the kid.

This replica is the same person however, whilst they cannot exist at the same time. According to Hick at the same time that when a person dies a replica of them is created by God. how This is a way of preserving personal identity after death. The evidence for religious materialism is based on the resurrection of Jesus.According to Hick at the time if he dies a copy of them that is made by God.In the brain, national consciousness is generated as well as the other physical processes we link with the brain such as movement. further Evidence for this is put foreward in â€Å"the philosophy files†. Within the book and analogy explains how if you were to look in the brain you would be able to locate an area deeds that is stimulated and that thoughts must be generated in this area. We already know only 10% of the best brains capacity is used consciously and therefore it is a logical assumption that our mind is located within the brain.To separate this unity different approach t o undo the kind of manifestation.

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