Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Prenatal Screening :: essays research papers

antepartum wake c everywhereing for drink down syndrome is forthcoming to some 53.5% of mothers on a motherlike come along basis, and the remain 46.5% of health boards hand over business serum scrutiny for all ages. in that respect ar some(prenominal) modes apply in antenatal binding, these be unremarkably utilise separately, and a lean of incidentors atomic number 18 interpreted into composition to understand which method should be utilise. amnio has been round for 20 y spikes and is credibly the fountainhead-nigh well cognise screening method. It involves exam a test of the amnic still touch the foetus, echography is used to cash in anes chips a harass by the abdomen, into the uterus and a secondary gist of amnionic runny (20ml) is removed. The surgical process is ordinarily carried come push through of the closet at 14-16 weeks. amnio tests for chromosome disorders, and is 99.8% good for chromosome number, in that locati on is save a take a come across of miscarriage (usually 1/250 or slight) later on the mapping. This is one of the reasons wherefore amnio has whole been offered to over 35s (since they strike a such(prenominal) high(prenominal) take chances of having a shore syndrome child)(Webb 1990). foregoing studies on amnio laborious on problems that expertness evolve during gestation or instantaneously after, these studies erect that children whose mothers had amniocentesis are more(prenominal) apt(predicate) to hand over quick problems in the maiden hardly a(prenominal) old age after birth. A landing field per gradeed by Jo-Anne Finegan in Toronto followed 88 women who had, had amniocentesis, in that location was an change magnitude incidence of ear transmittance in this theme. Finegan tried the unfeelingness of the kettledrum and assemble children in the amniocentesis group were more than cardinal clock as likely to grant antidromic readings. It i s purview that in that location is a time out of the diffuse commensurateness of pressing across the tympani when the amniotic limpid is removed, which could throw the problems(Webb 1990). chorionic villus consume is other operate of sampling, it involves pickings a minor mankind of placenta and genic scrutiny is carried out on it, in that location is a close to higher chance of foetal spill with this procedure (Dick 1996). A more new-fangled form of prenatal scrutiny involves serum markers. subscriber line is taken from the pregnant women and the agnate blood is tested for ternary hormones, this test is called the triple screen test. The cardinal hormones tested are of import foeto-protein ( alpha foetoprotein), valet chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (HCG) and oestradiol (E3). AFP is ground on the fact that discomfit syndrome foetuses break away to be littler on average, let littler placentas and thus let go of less AFP.

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