Wednesday, August 28, 2019

An Evaluation of CRM Strategy at Ping An Life Insurance, China Dissertation

An Evaluation of CRM Strategy at Ping An Life Insurance, China - Dissertation Example Ping An has been recognized and awarded for its customer relationship management approach but an evaluation of data suggests the adoption and implementation of CRM is not professionally and strategically adequate. Emphasis on salesmen appears to a hindrance to growth and accountability is lacking at Ping An. After evaluation of the available data, recommendations have been made on how CRM can be effectively implemented at Ping An Life Insurance. China Insurance industry Life insurance business in China is huge and intensely competitive, according to Binder, Bowers and Yung (2004) of The McKinsey Quarterly. China is now the world’s fastest growing major life insurance market. The drivers of growth in the sector include 40 percent household savings rate, limited and deteriorating public-pension and health schemes that have heightened the demand for personal retirement savings and protection tools. Consumers sought investment options but the choice was limited. No attractive mutual funds offers are available and consumers cannot invest overseas. Bank yields are very low compared to typical savings policy. This helped to stimulate growth in the insurance sector in 1990 when foreign insurance companies were allowed to enter China either in joint venture with 50:50 partnership or with a maximum of 25 percent ownership. However, within 15 years more than 90 percent of insurance sector is with three domestic insurers – China Life Insurance, Pi ng An Insurance and China Pacific Life Insurance. The insurance industry is among the fastest growing industries in China and is the core business of the Ping An Group (Annual Report, 2012). However, the Chinese insurance business is in transition and hence has to adjust for sustainable and healthy growth (Market Review, 2012). This is critical since China’s economy is growing and personal wealth is expanding and hence sustainable growth becomes essential. Besides, competition is setting in as foreign insurers’ operational areas have expanded, which means they can operate in geographical regions they were earlier barred from. Besides, despite the three domestic insurers having large number of agents, the productivity on an average is less than one-fourth of Hong Kong agents. It has also been found by Binder, Bowers and Yung (2004) that these agents give misleading information and poor customer service. Such issues would allow the foreign insurers to increase their mark et share of the affluent and mass-affluent segment. 1.2 Customer

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