Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Medicare Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Medicare - Research Paper Example However, it is of essence to note that this insurance program is faced with numerous challenges that have led to strains on various stakeholders that access help from this program. This essay will attempt to assess the Medicare Insurance Program and the issues that have faced this program, the costs of the challenge and the possible solutions that could help solve the issues facing the insurance program. As Schieber, et al (2009) write, Medicare has had its share of problems for the longest time. Among the challenges that Medicare faces ranges from financial problems to management issues that have seen the insurance program fail to deliver services as would be expected of them. Failure of Medicare to fully deliver its services is huge challenge as the beneficiaries fail to get the required services. With reimbursement of funds being a major challenge, it is obvious that the persons with chronic conditions will not help as they would wish. On a deeper insight, it is evident that the population is growing by the day. Schieber, et al (2009) write that as soon as the younger generation get to their old age, the healthcare system will not provide the required services to the aged. This fact explains the reason behind the healthcare services being very expensive for a majority of US citizens. The Medicare challenges affect a huge percentage of people, organizations and even government agencies. However, it is very crucial to note that the tax payers are the most affected persons by the challenges of Medicare. As seen in the research conducted by Schieber, et al (2009), the American workers are spending too much of their pay towards the Medicare program, but most of them do not enjoy the outcomes of the health service. Worse still, the authors continue to indicate that some individuals actually spend from their pockets to get treatment (Schieber, et al., 2009). An analysis of this fact

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