Friday, August 9, 2019

Criticism and Commentary Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Criticism and Commentary - Assignment Example And of course certain production values and cinematic allusions were also recognized. Dark Shadows was also compared to other Burton movies. The review totally reflects most of the readers opinions but of course the author subtly manages to write the article in a way that the readers are less concerned. Generally the criticism is believable because it uses the movie and other Tim Burton movies as a reference to her points and other observations. What makes the author successful in making the viewer want to watch the movie (instead of the usual praises in a movie) is the author understands Tim Burton’s aesthetic and why the Tim Burton formula continues to work even after a lot of movies. She also knows what the viewers want. The critique is also very mild. It’s as if the critic is practicing the mantra â€Å"if you don’t have anything to say, shut up.† But the words, â€Å"Dark Shadows† isn’t among Mr. Burton’s most richly realized works, but it’s very enjoyable, visually sumptuous and, despite its lugubrious source material and a sporadic tremor of violence, surprisingly effervescent, truly capture the essence of the

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