Thursday, August 29, 2019

The British Has A Constitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The British Has A Constitution - Essay Example Constitutions, McEwen (2004) adds, establish the composition, powers and functions of the institutions of the state, regulate the relations between these institutions, and enshrine the legal rights and duties of the citizenry. The Unwritten UK Constitution Constitutions of all other states are codified. â€Å"Codified constitutions are largely written, centered around a single document incorporating key constitutional provisions that are binding on all political institutions.† (McEwen 2004) In contrast, the British constitution is not written or codified in a single document. Where codified constitutions are entrenched and enjoys the protecition of a Supreme Court, and can only be repealed or amended by special provisions, the uncodified constitutions are beyond the ordinary legislative process. Sources of the UK Constitution: The UK Constitution is found a number of sources, namely they following: 1. Statute Law: Many Acts of Parliament concern constitutional law. 2. Common / Case Law: The British constitution is â€Å"judge made†and derives some of its principles from jurisprudence. 3. Royal Prerogative: This refers to powers originally exercised by the monarch traditionally, among which powers. Most prerogatives are now directly exercised by ministers, such as the power to regulate the civil service, or the power to issue passports.

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