Monday, August 26, 2019

Supplements, nutrients, and stored energy to the proper function of Essay

Supplements, nutrients, and stored energy to the proper function of the human body - Essay Example Nutritional supplements are products from foods used for the support of good health and treatment of illnesses. According to the dietary supplement health and education act (DSHEA), supplements are not foods put contain the elements in the food that increase their supply to the body. â€Å"The supplements contain one or more ingredients of the diet including minerals, vitamins and amino acid† (Liddle and Connor, P. 487). The use of supplements and energy stores is high due to an increase in demand of energy that cannot be provided through food intake during any particular incidence of a meal. The demand for this energy is to promote weight gain, enhance weight loss or improve the performance of athletes. Vitamins and minerals as supplements contain micronutrients that are responsible for enhancing the normal hormonal and chemical functions of the body. These supplements are important for enhancing the reproductive functionality of hormones, as well as other endocrine functions of the body. Botanical (herbal) supplements are ingested for their medical functions in the body. â€Å"The botanical supplements are taken to support specific areas of functionality of the body† (Calbet et al., P. 1005). These areas could be for the improvement of the liver, skin, bone or kidney function, thus are important for the improvement of the efficiency in the functionality of the targeted part. â€Å"Supplements and energy stores are composed of combinations of two or more of the eight key nutrients that are important for the proper functionality of the body† (Frary, Johnson, and Wang, P. 56). Calcium is one of the eight key nutrients that is important for bone formation, muscle contraction and helps in the transmission of nerve cell messages. Calcium is chiefly derived from the dairy foods but can also be acquired from vegetables like

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