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A marketing strategy for the development of (insert the name of the Essay

A marketing strategy for the development of (insert the name of the company or organisation you have chosen ) - Essay Example At such competitive market, United Biscuit is launching its new ranges of cookies under its McVitie’s brand called Hobnobs Cookies. The company is aiming to popularize this specific product brand in UK market. However, its key competitors also offer substitute cookies in the existing market that it poses great threat to the success of Hobnobs Cookies. The micro and macro environment analysis of United Biscuit have provided the base for framing proper marketing strategy for Hobnobs Cookies in its existing market. Considering three key strengths of Hobnobs Cookies i.e. high quality, lower price and different taste, its marketing strategies has been framed. As per the Ansoff matrix, United Biscuit will try to attain the product development at initial stage and in this process, promotional mix is very important. The core strategy for Hobnobs Cookies will be the combination of low cost and differentiation strategy that will enhance the consumers’ value by building the produc t’s brand in existing market. 2. Introduction It is very necessary to develop a proper marketing plan for organisational growth and success as marketing has become inevitable business activity. An effective marketing plan ensures sufficient amount of sales revenue that determines the existence of a firm within its industry. In recent years, the scope and importance of marketing and strategic planning has significantly increased due to intensified competition in market. For the financial success, the organisations aim to counter their key competitors for gaining an upper hand position in the market. However, in this process, the planning is the foremost task for them. Stevens and Loudon have defined that â€Å"planning is one of the key success for any undertaking† and the planning â€Å"must be founded in a root philosophy or conceptual framework that provides a basis for analysis, execution, and evaluation† (Stevens and Loudon, 2005, p.4-5). This paper will att empt to present a marketing plan for United Biscuit to position its new brands product. The primary aim of this paper is to develop a proper marketing plan for existing product in its exiting market. Therefore, various marketing tools, model and theories will be applied for analysing micro and macro environment of United Biscuit and for developing effective marketing strategies. 3. Brief Description of Company The United Biscuit is a leading multinational food manufacturer of UK and Europe and it offers wide ranges of cookies, biscuit and other savoury products. The company have developed its high brand image in UK and entire European regions. Its products are available under 15 well known brands like McVitie’s, Jacob’s, Twiglets, BN, KP etc (United Biscuit-a, 2008). This company was established during 1948 after the merging of two Scottish families who were engaged in bakery business. Later, the company acquired MacDonald's Biscuits and Crawford's Biscuits in 1960s. F inally, in 2000, Finalrealm, a group of investors acquired

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