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Highway Design Individual Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6500 words

Highway Design Individual Project - Essay Example And, in the same formula, it was also required to ease the transportation with widening of the various roads consisting possibilities of heavier and frequent traffic in near future. Better public transport will encourage more people to use it. But the car will remain important to the mobility of millions of people and the numbers of people owning cars will continue to grow. So we also want to make life better for the motorist. The priority will be maintaining existing roads rather than building new ones and better management of the road network to improve reliability (A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone 1998) Hereby, we proceed to a supposed intended plan for widening of A511, which is a 34 Km road joining the towns Coalville,  Ashby-de-la-Zouch  and  Burton upon Trent. While private transport is quite regular over this route, there are increasingly adding heavier transportation vehicles. And, as it passes by outers of many crowded locations, it becomes an easier choi ce for industrial and heavier transports too. Pertaining to those conditions, a plan for turning A511 into a dual lane (D2AP) seems quite appropriate and essential. Before proceeding to the designing phase, we take out a look at the positioning factors and parts of A511 falling in numerous townships. Thus, before we move forward to plan a refurbishment structure for A511, we have to analyze its various sectors, their relevance and their distinguished features to come up with a clear view of the route, its utilities and essentialities during its refurbishment and widening. Also it would be required to separate the route into its junctions and crossings to clear out a scenario for policies and conditions to be applied. 2. Site Investigation Geography and sectors of A511 1. Starting from junction at M1 motorway, passing by B585 and A447, A511 moves towards B5006 while going towards Burton Golf Club. 2. It passes from besides the Burton Golf Club and crosses A5121 further. 3. Ahead, mov ing by A38 it leads towards Harningglow. 4. From Tutbury it takes a sharpe 90? turn to add into A50. Fig. 1.1 5. Route A511 ends in the junction at A50 which falls in between Uttoxeter and Derby. (See fig. 1.1) For a refurbishment plan, we must first dissociate and focus on A511 in number of partitions. There are some basic differences from each partition for an overall further planning. Sr. No. Section Details 1. Junction at M1 Industrial and farming neighborhood. Mostly the task here includes the connection of A511 to M1 motorway that will require a widening of the joining section and making proper ways for diverting traffic. 2. M1 to A42: This part reaches to the town of Coelville. Mostly the traffic will contain the diverted vehicles that come from the M1 Motorway. However, less intra-town traffic is supposed for it consists only incoming road to Coelville. 3. A42 to Burton upon Trent town: The connecting parts to A511 to Burton Bridge must be met during the basic widening. Also , this same part is supposed to contain the intra-town traffic from Coelville to Burton. Thus, frequent travelling is supposed. 4. Burton upon Trent to A38: This portion will include the intra-town traffic coupled with the inter-town traffic. A heavier traffic is supposed to rush over this part. And, because this portion falls in town, the development of sufficient and standard pavement will also be essential. 5. A38 to Tutbury : During

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