Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Strive for Equality Essay -- American History, Discrimination, Women

Strive for Equality It is stated in the Equal Rights Amendment that â€Å"Equality of Rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex†. Still, looking back at history, it can be seen that gender has played a vital role in determining one’s status in society. The challenges women faced began when they were merely young girls. These girls were raised with the idea that they were only suitable for certain occupations, usually only to serve as wives and mothers. These beliefs of staying within their boundaries stick as fears in the mind of women so by the time adulthood approaches, they have already molded themselves to fit those beliefs. There are numerous works of literature that have given life to women in their fight for becoming free. One example, â€Å"The Chrysanthemums† by John Steinbeck, tells the story of Elisa and her struggle to break out of the feminine world. The idea of becoming more than an ideal wife strive women to push their boundaries as an attempt to gain power in a man’s world hoping, to be recognized for their strengths. Discrimination has always given men greater power over women, who are ideally supposed to sit within their limited boundaries. These traditions led to stronger women who wanted to attempt to push their boundaries. When Elisa is working in her garden, she notices her husband talking to couple of men and she â€Å"[looks] down toward the men by the tractor shed now and then,† (Steinbeck 1). Elisa looking at the men numerous times shows her curiosity to go outside her bounded life which is the fence that she is around. The fence symbolizes her life. This also symbolizes how she is very fed up with her married life and is now desperate to get out. But th... ...ue beauty, and thus never was interested in Elisa. So Elisa comes back into reality, and falls back into the hole of being felt as a housewife rather than a free individual, that she despised. Overall, the impact that the tinker makes on Elisa brings Elisa back to where she started. This illustrates the impact of Elisa pushing to expand her boundaries. Women try their best to push past their boundaries but can never achieve that, because of the over-pompous nature of men. Women are never seen for their strengths and are oppressed manner. Women were not able to reach their full potential because society refused to accept them liberally. This world would not be able to progress with the seclusion of women. It can be seen throughout history that gender prejudice limits the individual from doing what he/she wants to do. Nowadays, women are free to do as they please.

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