Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sociology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sociology - Assignment Example A measure of the health status using the lifestyle index shows that dietary choices vary in the two categories of population in the different countries or regions. Consumer preferences also change with a change in lifestyles (Mathur, Moschis and Lee 234). Consequently, the changes in dietary choice that accompany a lifestyle rise lead to lifestyle disorders. Diabetes and cancer effects are a high possibility in such cases when one’s status rise. A rise in lifestyle may initiate other behaviors as drug abuse, alcoholism and smoking because the individual can afford to purchase drugs and alcohol. A change in the lifestyle may pose effects on an individual’s observation of cultural norms. Individuals tend to change their observance to cultures as those related to social life. Planned marriages, for instance, was a notable culture in various parts of the world as India. With the increase in living status of individuals, such cultures tend to receive little considerations. A significant portion of the population prefers choice marriages to planned marriages because of the increase in income and status of the population. Living status, therefore, affects the social life of a community or society. Q2 Among the challenges, facing the government of America is the living status of a portion of its population. The Census Bureau uses the income factor to determine the level of income of the population to determine the level of poverty. Should the total household income be insufficient to meet the family threshold needs of expenses, then the family is poor. Poverty in America is most evident in states as New Hampshire and New Jersey among other states. There are two notable problems among the poor in America. The first category of the poor in America has a high number of low-income jobs while the second group is that with nearly no job allocations. Both categories of the poor in America are high in number, which continues to increase at a stunning rate. In oth er parts of the world, the impoverishment is a key issue affecting the population. Globalization effects continue to affect the markets in other parts of the world. Effects of economic backlash are evident because of globalization. This is a leading cause of impoverishment in other parts of the world as Italy. The polarizing effects of globalization saw the dwindling off employment opportunities for a significant population of the world. This is similar to the case of the poor in America who lack jobs. The polarizing effects of the globalization have had effects of low wages among the employed that is similar to the insufficient earnings among the poor in America. The similarity between the poor in America and the impoverished in other parts of the world emanates from the insufficient wages for the employed or the total lack of jobs. Q3 The economic crisis that evaded the world in continues to be top among the global issues, today. The crisis is distinguishable through five major st ages. According to Elliott, the crisis began in 2007 August 9 (1). This first phase saw the seizure in the financial institutions (banks being the most affected). This led to banks stopping business with each other. The August 15 2008 marked the second phase of the global phenomenon. The government of the United States, on this date, did allow Lehman Brothers (an investment bank) to attain bankruptcy status. The fall down of Lehman Brothers saw the fall

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