Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Miranda Rights & the U.S. Terrorism Policy Research Paper

Miranda Rights & the U.S. Terrorism Policy - Research Paper Example If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense†1. While the above statements are primarily read out to American criminal suspects before their arrest in order to preserve the quality of their statements, the government has radicalized the use of the statement in order to expedite terrorist investigations and trials of both American and non-American suspects. After the events of September 11th 2001, the American government heightened its security and investigative tactics with the CIA and FBI enjoying more powers in tracking and apprehending suspects. Among the successful terrorist cases against American property, include the Benghazi attack of the US embassy. Additionally, the law enforcers have successfully intercepted a number of planed attacks owing to the increased powers and equipment such law enforcers as the FBI and the CIA enjoy2. The creation of new legislations including the USA PATRIOT Act resulted in the development of effective and efficient tools that would unite and strength America by giving the law enforcers more authority over terrorists3. Coupled with the creation of the department of Homeland security, a unit dedicated to the surveillance and interception of suspected terrorists, the government has successfully improved the security of the country ensuring that every American is currently safer they than they were before the 9/11. However, the increased power the law enforcers enjoy in the line of their duty of monitoring and interjecting possible threats have resulted in possible abuse of human rights. The fact that the law enforcers can follow an individual and carry out investigation without alerting them results in suspects incriminating themselves, a primary abuse of legal rights a feature that requires the review of the use of the Miranda laws on the fight against terrorism. When the law enforcers arrested the Boston marathon bomber, the government issued a notice informing the

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