Monday, February 18, 2019

Comparing the Two Theories of Cognitive Development Essay -- Papers Ps

Comparing the Two Theories of Cognitive Development There be three main types of cognitive development. There is Piagets hypothesis, Vygotskys theory and the Information bear on approach. The two theories that I am going to comp be and contrast are Piaget and Vygotskys theories. There are many differences between these two theories, but at that place are also many similarities too. Piaget suggests that cognitive development takes place as a result of experiences which force the child to accommodate current information, creating newborn schemas and occasionally leading to a qualitatively different kind of thinking- woful from one stage to another, but these changes need to depend on readiness. However, Vygotsky determined more of an emphasis on the importance of complaisant context in transforming elementary into higher mental functions, and the role of the ZPD in understanding how this novelty takes place. Piagets theory, also known as the di scovery learning theory, brought up two ways in which schemas became more complex, assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation is basically the process of fitting new information and experiences into alive schemas, and accommodation is the process of changing the existing schemas when new information cannot be assimilated. An example of this could be when a child has a schema wings, beak and being able to fly (a design bird). Every new instance of a creature with the same characteristics is assimilated into this schema. exclusively when that child sees an aeroplane in the sky, the child asks what it is. The aeroplane challenges the current schema. This new information cannot be assimilated into the ... ...cross cultural research based on Piagets theory. Piaget produced the prototypic comprehensive theory of childrens cognitive development. The theory has been more extensively essential than any other it has changed our ideas about children and has had a general influence on educational practice has. Also the good theories should generate research and Piagets theory has certainly done so. Piagets theory under emphasizes the role of language and social interaction in cognitive development. Vygotskys theory focuses on the process of cognitive development rather than the outcome, and this is harder to test. Vygotskys ideas on cognitive development have had goodly influence. Although Vygotsky produced very little direct empirical evidence, other researchers have provided livelihood for his ideas and their application.

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