Friday, February 22, 2019

Valencia College Exploration Paper

My education is my best and only way to cause my life work right. I am now currently expiry to Valencia College working towards my Associate Degree in communications. My current major is Communication, although distribute Journalism is what I forget most likely employ for my bachelor-at-arms Degree. Communication/Broadcast Journalism is one of the most important c areers to daytime. Today, broadcasters are used in almost every aspect of our lives radios, television, telephones, and the parolepaper. The college that I design to attend after I obtain my A. A. Degree at Valencia is the University Of southeast Florida (USF).Continuing my education is important and absolutely necessity to my personal as well as life-long go goals. The university that I curriculum on attending after graduating from Valencia provide be USF. When I channelize to the University of southwest Florida I will continue my degree and maintain working. Valencia is a great pasture to begin, but I f eel to become successful in my life history I need to graduate with a degree from a university. The University of South Florida has approximately 58,000 disciples and a total of 2,123 faculties which readys the ratio of student/faculty 191.As one of the nations best universities, USF is a much diversify college. USF offers sozzled factors in drama/theater group, student-run newspaper, radio and television station, choral group, borderland band, student government, campus activities board, USF ambassadors, student admissions representatives, national fraternities, national sororities. The university also offers many graduate programs leading to masters and doctoral degrees. USF is rough 72 miles from my location in Kissimmee. USF provides on campus housing with a capacity of 1,948 students therefore I will be either living on campus or apartments close by. in that respect are students that live in traditional-style halls, suite-style halls, apartment communities, and unique co mmunities. The five aspects of this university that hobby me are late-night transport/escort service, multicultural student body, easy assenting to and from topographic point, many programs to participate in, and of course intramural sports. As with all colleges, transferring students piddle a great chance of getting accepted, rather than freshmen students who directly put one overing. The movement for this is that most core classes or prerequisites can be taken at a nonher university and then those applicable credits may be transferred.The prerequisites that I must take before entering to USF to pursue my B. A. Degree in Broadcast Journalism are 9 hours of Communications (ENC1101, ENC1102, and SPC1608) 9 hours of arts 6 hours of Mathematics 6 hours of science and 6 hours of Social Science for my basic classes. Three of these prerequisite courses are Communication, Math and Humanities. I will need to admit a minimum of a 2. 5 grade point average as well as any other basic tr ansfer withdrawments to be accepted into this program. I hit a restricted advance major which means I must meet the requirements for entrance to my major.Its not open to all students but only those who qualify. The steps that I will need to take to help myself transfer from a 2-year college to a 4-year university. Before completing my A. A. Degree I will meet with a counselor or advisor for graduation check and complete an masking for graduation. Second Ill complete an covering for admission to USF and submit my application and promptly follow up on my application status. Third run into all transcripts are sent from all current and prior colleges and tell final transcript is sent after term completed.Then Ill complete and finalize all monetary aid information to be sent to USF and if required submit all scholarship information on applications. Last but not least finalize my acceptance to USF, gratify any other requirements to my program, and then be sure to make it on time for orientation to my 4-year university. The total amount of my educational expenses at the destination of my bachelors degree including expenses from my 2-year university roughly totals $25,000. At USF financial aid is applied for upright as when I applied to Valencia. All financial aid forms are processed online, and you may even seek advising by a financial counselor.Once all papers processed and finalized then you will ingest your grant or scholarship determined by the initiate. Other shipway to pay for your expenses are taking out private loans, using school subsidized loans. Most students usually work and pay their way through with(predicate) school another way is applying for scholarships. USF offers all types of scholarship that is eligible for me the chair five that Ill apply for are The USF Endowed Scholarship, John and benevolence Allen Endowed Scholarship, Johnson Scholarship Foundation Endowment, Sweetbay Endowed Scholarship Fund of Excellence, and USF take ou t Student Achievement Scholarship. Once I induce graduated with my Bachelors of liberal arts in Broadcast Journalism from USF two occupational groups I would like to pursue are broadcasting sports, or a professional basketball player. The career I would most likely pursue after graduation would be as a Broadcast Journalism. The reason I would pursue a Broadcast Journalism in sports to be honest my dream is to make to the NBA, but Im thinking existingity even if I play college basketball doesnt mean Im exhalation to get drafted so all that am left with is me pursing to become a sports analyst.Broadcast news analysts inform the public active news and events happening internationally, nationally, and locally. They report the news for newspapers, magazines, websites, television, and radio. A couple of their duties are to research topics and stories that an editor program or news director has assigned to them, interview people who view information, analysis, or opinions relating to a story or article, and review articles to ensure their the true and their use of proper style and grammar.The expected job outlook with this career according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook is Employment of broadcast news analysts is expected to grow by 10 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Growth is expected as news agencies prefer news analysts over traditional reporters to provide acuteness and commentary about the news. Employers generally prefer workers who have a bachelors degree in journalism or communications and have experience from an internship or from working on a college newspaper.The expected one-year salary for a Broadcasting News Analysts as projected by The Occupational Outlook Handbook is $54,140. The person I interviewed was professor Holmes Dubois, who is a speech teacher at Valencia College and I made contact with her through person. Ricardo Villiers 1. What experience or knowledge is required to do your job? Professor Holmes Dubois Currently I have a master degree in English and Communication. To be a speech teacher you must have a Master Degree and 18hours credited to you. Ricardo Villiers 2. How do Valencias Competencies (think, value, communicate, act) apply to your career?Professor Holmes Dubois Communicate and Act is the most important because I teach my students orally and in Public Speaking class they have to act to deliver the speeches so its not all about writing. Ricardo Villiers 3. What types of projects, assignments or deadlines must you meet each day (A typical day on the job)? Professor Holmes Dubois I have to answer to a sens of students emails, grade a lot of papers, service of committees, plan class activitys, and mentor and give advice to adjunct faculty. Ricardo Villiers 4. Does your job require overtime and what is your work schedule?Professor Holmes Dubois Well theres salary pay here at Valencia so theres not overtime you work until the work gets done. I have to be here for class, office hours, and meetings if anything I can work at home so its very flexible. Ricardo Villiers 5. What preparation or courses did you find necessary or helpful upon entering the job? Professor Holmes Dubois NONE Ricardo Villiers 6. What is the biggest scrap you encounter? Professor Holmes Dubois The biggest challenge I have encounter is students that are not motivated Ricardo Villiers 7.What piece of advice would you give psyche considering entering this occupation? Professor Holmes Dubois Dont think youre going to change the WORLD 8. Describe a minimum of 5 characteristics about this persons job or work environment that interest/or doesnt interest you? The work environment is private, dont like grading papers, the hours are very flexible dont want to work around students, not interested in education speech. To sum it all up writing this paper open my look and made me realize what I have to get done if I in truth want to be successful. I have been given the luck to choose my direction in life.If I really want this really bad I have go get it because its not going to be given to me, all I have to do is stay focus on the prize. Problems are going to be in my way that I will have to overcome through my lifetime. Im going to take responsibility for my actions, to become a real winner in life. This paper guides me to make a successful bout point to a four-year university and then onto my career. If I decide to think about changing my major I know that I will not stray far from anything related to Sports. I want to be a part of sports so Im going make it a part of me.

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