Saturday, February 16, 2019

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George OrwellGeorge Orwells vision of the world in the year 1984 is outrageous andchilling. Written in 1949, this piece of literature is an everlastingclassic that reminds us that hi fib is a vital part of adult male macrocosm, although we often entomb it. The past, present, and next ar as changeable as human opinions and beliefs. In this book, Orwellhighlighted on some of the fears that many people have for the worldthat we are creating. The overlook of the Party that he speaks of islike that of the Nazis of World War II. The barely difference betweenthe Nazis and Orwells imagined Party, is the emotion. The Nazis fellfrom billet because of the emotions of its leader, Adolph Hitler. TheParty held up because their leader, Big Brother, was merely an imageand had no emotion at all. indoors my reading, I encountered manyinteresting points, both scenes and controversys, that I opine vividly. only of these points reflect the type of power that we humans have tocontrol our existence as we know it. From the points that Iconcentrated on came my own thoughts and fears close what future thehuman race was able to create. The point that I remember most vividlyis the motto of the Party. The motto is Those who control the past,control the future Those who control the future, control thepresent Those who control the present, control the past. Thisslogan compete a main part in the plot. George Orwell incorporated thistheme into the story to show the kind of power that the Party actuallyhad. The Party did control the present, so they were able to do withit what they wished. The members of the Party rewrote history at allcurrent change, whether the changes be as simple as a human dying or achange of enemy in the current war. The Party had every piece ofliterature rewritten and every photo reproduced to assemble their fictionalstories of war success and economic advance. By having this power, tocontrol the past, they controlled the future. With t he power tocontrol the future of the human race, the Party manipulated the humanbody and its functions. It besides controlled the hum an mind throughphysical experiments and the enforcement of complete orthodoxy to fittheir needs. This arbitrary power is everlasting and definite. Thisidea of total power made the line memorable.

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