Saturday, February 9, 2019

My Philosophy :: Philosophy of Education Teaching Teachers Essays

My Philosophy Why do children turn out the way that they do? Do the decisions we make as t individuallyers have a big mend on our students? Consideration needs to be given to these issues as we dumbfound out classrooms. The children of today result be the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, all children need a structured education to help them learn their responsibilities in life. Children need to bear on active in the classroom and be aw ar of the importance of their education. Students of the simple(a) age have various characteristics. They have curiosity flowing and their minds are active. Children want to understand what is happening around them. Students have a spacious imagination, which allows them to be creative and unique. Children respect their teachers and imitate their actions because they look up to their teachers as role models. Students are pendent, therefore needing attention and assistance. The nature of knowledge is relative. severally item-by-item learns variantly. Teachers need to use different strategies for everyone to learn the same country of curriculum. Everyone has a distinct personality that allows him or her to learn differently. Some field of forces come easier to individuals than other areas. Each persons ability to learn something is dependent upon his or her environment around them. For example, if someone isnt willd with the proper tools for the area of study, they will not be able to learn it. The use of different techniques will allow each individual to use their constructive intelligence. The subroutine of education is to help individuals to learn about their world, morals, and the values of their country that will help guide them through their society. Education is a very historic aspect in todays world. Education allows each individual to succeed in life and to inspire knowledge that will be passed on to younger generations. As a teacher, I h ope to provide the best education possible for my students. I plan to inspire each individual in a way that will help them in life.

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