Monday, June 10, 2019

A critical analysis of a patient's journey through PICU from a nursing Essay

A critical analysis of a patients journey through PICU from a nursing perspective - Essay compositors lookBecause of the impact of being in an area like the ICU and besides the routine responsibilities, paediatric ICU nurtures are required to be continually tuned in to the immediate recognition of any disruption in the childs condition (Carnevale, 2007, p. 68). They are ought to coordinate with the other members of the medical team who are anticipate to work together to alleviate the condition of the patient as well as to deal with the family of those who are under their care (Morton, 2002). In this paper, a nurses point of view about the journey of a patient Baby X will be assessed while taking into account more aspects of the care.There are a number of patients in the paediatric ICU each of which with unique cases from the others. The reason why Baby Xs case and care was chosen is mainly to apply critical analysis on how the nursing strategies directed to the patient in coordi nation with the medical team, its effects on the familys involvement and the consequences of these put together have led to the improvement of his health. Specifically, the paper would focus on the episode of Baby Xs stay where he had to be tracheostomized. The analysis would consider how the medical team reached the decision how the nursing care affected the decision and the care before and after the procedure and the reaction of the family especially the mother who was doubtful at first prior to the intervention and after it had been found out that it had helped.Baby X and the rest of the triplets were born expreterm on July 27, 2009. They were only at their 26th week of gestation when they went out. Like him, most of the preterm or premature babies who are born before the 37th week of gestation (Cadwell & Turner-Maffei, 2006) are abandoned to many complications as they are given birth before full maturation of almost all their body parts.Baby X was admitted to the paediatric in tensive care unit last December 12, 2009 for suffering an array of

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