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Movie Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Movie Journal - Essay ExampleThe movie introduces an aspect of come when blissfulness falls in love with a guitarist, Oliver. However, Oliver heartbreaks gladness by going on a tour around the states with his band. Another turning point suffices when the police unravel the scheme where almost crimper players like gaiety are underage. Blisss parents know about her involvement in Roller Derby. The movie brings the aspect of intimacy where Bliss and Oliver make love (Barrymore Film). Bliss thinks she is old enough to decide on herself while her mother keeps pampering her. Bliss gets heartbroken on realizing that Oliver is cheating on her and seeks comfort from her mother who coerced her to participate in the Blue Bonnet Pageant. However, the pageant and the roller derby match were taking place the same day and Bliss chose to participate in the pageant to please her mother. Nevertheless, Blisss father coerced Bliss to participate in the derby to the dismay of Blisss mother. Ultimatel y, Bliss pursues her passion for Roller Derby (Barrymore Film). The movie shows how love supersedes pressure in ones career and in sports as well as how roller derby solved Blisss emotional problems. The movie had 58 songs of different genres. Although the movie received positive reviews, it recorded financial losses so becoming the greatest underdog sports movie. Personal Best is a 124 minutes movie directed and produced by Robert Towne in 1982 (Towne Film). The movie revolves around the lives of four sports women personalities and their efforts in try to qualify for the American track-and-field team that would participate in the 1980 Olympic Games. During their preparations, Chris Cahill, a young experienced athlete meets, Tory Skinner, a more experienced athlete where Tory guides Chris on how to improve his performance to qualify for the American track-and-field team (Towne Film). Nevertheless, this generates employment in the movie where Terry Tinghoff, the coach insists that Chris should only follow the coachs advice. Moreover, the conflict and anger persists when Tory and Chris develop an intimate relationship and Chris further engages in a hetero versed relationship with Denny (Towne Film). Nevertheless, despite the athletes efforts to qualify for the American track-and-field team, join States announced its boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games for political reasons leaving the athletes with only their personal best records from the training sessions and a chattered sporting dream (Towne Film). The movie presents the complexity in relationships between coaches and athletes as well as the challenges of being a woman athlete. Indeed, the movie displays the position of sexuality in spots. More so, the movie depicts distinct sexual relationships in the training camp as well as rewards, uncertainties and risks involved in athletics (Towne Film). Although the movie did not succeed in the box-office, it attracted positive reviews and then making a good movie (Towne Film). Sugar is a 120 minutes sports drama film revolving around the life of a baseball player, Miguel (Sugar) (Boden Film). Anna Boden and Ryan point directed and produced the film in 2008 where Miguel seeks to deliver his family from poverty by participating in professional baseball leagues (Boden Film). Indeed, his call to the United States minor league carcass marked his breakthrough in sports when he was just 19 years old (Boden Film). As a

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