Saturday, June 1, 2019

Colonialism in India Essay -- British Invasion, Massive Boycotts

The British invasion formed into a historical training of British colonialism in India. Despite India under the British rule, Mahatma Gandhi played an important role in gaining Independence. He not only changed India entirely also strongly fought for Indias independence, using various strategies. The British Empire ruled as long as they could to reform India both politically and socially. India was the first major Asian civilizations to mint victim to European predatory activities (Duiker 31). With conquering India, the British had various purposes behind it. Their main purpose was to achieve a monopolistic trading position (The sparing and Social Impact of Colonial Rule in India). The second purpose was the control of India this was a key element in the world power structure, in terms of geography, logistics and military manpower (The Economic and Social Impact of Colonial Rule in India). When the East India Company continued to trade under the British, bulky armies were cre ated, largely composed of Indian sepoys (Marshall). The armies were used to defend the Companys territories protect the Indian states (Marshall).With major control oer India, the British used a combination of firepower & guile to consolidate their power over the country by expanding from their base areas along the coast into the interior (Duiker 31). Some territories were also taken over the privately run East India Company, which at the time was given authority to administer Asian territories under British occupation, while others were ruled by local maharajas (Duiker 31). British governance brought order and stability to a society that had recently been wrecked by the wars from the different empires (Duiker 31). Since the British wanted to refo... ...tween the Hindus and Muslims, Jinnah felt that Muslims had no time to come in India (Overfield 216). With the end of British rule in 1947, not only did India gain its independence but also along with it was born an other country, Pa kistan where Jinnah served as the first governor (Overfield 216). With the gain of Indias independence, Gandhi was shot the following year in 1948 by a Hindu zealot who resented his commitment to Hindu Muslim harmony (Overfield 212).Despite numerous conflicts with the British and with the Muslims, India fought for its rights by doing what they felt was right. India under the British rule had some benefits as the new school system and outlawing sati but they did manage to trouble the Indians with taxation and other laws. Gandhi who was an outstanding, important figure in Indias way for independence who taught to fight with nonviolence.

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