Friday, May 31, 2019

El Mercado :: essays research papers

EL MERCADOThe Mexican Mercado is a historical, soci satisfactory, and wonderful experience. I believe it says a lot about Mexicos agriculture and how they have kept some of the ways of there ancestors. The Mercado is a thing that should be highly respected. Many things are related to the Mercado like bargaining, communicating, making friends, shopping, and agriculture. That just there describes Mexicos history and present. In the US I believe that people usually dont like to socialize as much as people in Mexico than people in the US. That is half of the reason people in Mexico go to the Market. People in Mexico like to negotiate prices and people in the US wait to be in more of a hurry. The US and Mexico have supermercados which are pretty similar to each new(prenominal) because they sell a lot of the selfsame(prenominal) things. The traditional Mercado is an open-air market, which is similar to some of the farmers markets that the US has. Except people in Mexico have bigger m arkets and they have a bigger variety of stuff. They arent as popular in the U.S. because of the differences in the history of the cultures. I think a lot of people would like to bring open-air markets to the US.Some advantages of the Mercado is being able to visit and get to know more people. There are also many shops with many varieties of things to choose from. Stores for everyone, they have flower shops, craft markets and many other shops. A disadvantage I would think is that it would of all time be crowded. I consider this a disadvantage, but there are some people that wouldnt. Im not sure how fresh the fruits would be either, because you dont know how long they have been sitting there. Some advantages for the U.S. markets would be having the out-of-date prints on the things you buy and knowing that your fruit is fresh. increase you have a better chance of getting a refund. Some disadvantages are not being able to negotiate with people for lower prices. In the US the grocery s hopping isnt as much about visiting and talking, but getting your shopping done quickly because people are always in a hurry. The Mercado was started by the Aztecs, this cultural activity is historical and a wonderful experience.

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