Thursday, May 2, 2019

Application of Engineering Principles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Application of Engineering Principles - Essay moralexhibit very good formability. One can convert all- metal materials into distinguishable forms like plates, bars, tubes etc. to name a few. This is possible because metallic materials have very good formability by virtue of non-directional metallic bond. Not just that, metallic materials are easy to assemble to form different assemblies and structures by different joining processes from mechanistic fastening to welding processes. (b) Excellent Combination of Mechanical Properties Different set of mechanical properties are required from a component to match the adopts posed by the service conditions and environment. Some applications demand very elevated strength and hardness, while small to moderate ductileness is good enough, such as tools for drilling of hard rocks. On the other hand some applications cannot allow relaxation on ductility and toughness while strength can be sacrificed to some extent. Metallic materials offer excellent cabal of these mechanical properties. Not just that, mechanical properties of metallic materials can be tailored as sound by means of alloying, mechanical working, surface treatments and suitable heat treatment. Therefore, metallic materials have an edge oer other class of materials when it comes to offer desired combination of mechanical properties to suit an application. ... Q2. Relevant properties required by the materials used for manufacturing the Centralizer and Travelling Block Hook are briefly discussed below. (a) Centralisers These are used to ensure walkover of the drilling string in the well bore. Three types of centralizers are there - drill pipe centralizer with uncertain sleeve, bit centralizer with changeable sleeve and casing centralizer 1. Casing ring centralisers are used to provide headroom gap or stand off between the groyne of well and the casing. The centralisers rub off against the wall of the well. This rubbing action leads to wear and tear, heat generation and many times sparking. The material, therefore, should have low coefficient of friction, so that less heat is generated and chances of spark generation are minimized. The material should provide high wear resistance. It should possess high thermal conductivity and resistance against spark. Zinc and aluminum alloys posses these properties and are therefore, used for manufacturing of centralisers. Nowadays, spray metal technology is also being explored for fabrication of the casing centralisers 2. (b) Travelling Block Hook Travelling gourmandize and hook are used for lifting in drilling rig 3. The material for manufacturing of this component should be high on strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and toughness. This is because catastrophic failure of this component can jeopardize prophylactic of the personnel besides other tangible losses. Low alloy steels are used for manufacturing this component. The material is het forged into the shape and then hardene d to improve strength of the component. However, in hardened condition its ductility and toughness drops drastically and therefore,

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