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Humanities Ethics Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

humanities Ethics - Coursework ExampleApplication of this understanding is equally to restate that human sexuality is to exhibit augur purpose that justifies why it is im chaste to engage in sexual activities without the slightest intention and obligation to deliver the conclusiveness of the act. In opposite words, sexual activities are besides mandated to be used for purposes of procreation. This one and the only terminal desire as evinced by the object lesson discourses. It is explained that only populate in marriage that have the unattackable authority of giving birth to offspring. Reproduction is essential in human life for the extensions of lineage (White 264). The family owns the moral objective ensuring that human beings multiply to fill the world as stated in the bible. The declaration does non however provide adequate information on giving birth to offspring outside the wedlock, plainly rather offers a poignant illustration on the danger of having children outsi de binding relationships that are approve and approved by the hostel. For instance, if premarital sex can be used to raise offspring wherefore there is a huge possibility that the family as a unit and a value entrust crumble (White 263). There allow for be immoral binding between such couples hence families will disappear and no one would take care of children. Sexual activities must therefore be for purposes of achieving the moral finality bestowed upon such an act, and this finality is procreation or reproduction. Other sexual engagements like homosexuality, pre-marital sex, masturbation are immoral since they do not possess any bit of the sexual moral teleology. They are meant scarcely for entertainment and recreation hence not justified by a moral discourse. There is no form explanation that can support sexual engagements outside marriage since they are not only valid for such alpha engagements b9ut most of them lack the ability to do so. It is immoral and unjustified by any available moral discourse. They do not meet the expectation of sexual activities as important and divine act given by the most high. 2. Explain the two sides of the debate regarding homosexual marriage and traditional heterosexual marriage, citing arguments both for and against. Which side appears to carry the weightiest arguments? Why? In a balance of acts, the society has undergone extremely severe changes. Many issues have not only cropped up, but they have delivered with them moral justifications for the respective(prenominal) acts. A huge proliferation of sexual acts has made the society succumb to a state of confusion. Many people are loving in sexual activities such as homosexuality and masturbations. Homosexuality has gone to an intent of being integrated and accepted as a normal sexual act, hence people engaging in such kind of sexual activities should not be demonized or punished. In one way, this debate may be right because all human beings have the natural rights and freedom. They also have the native right of liberty hence things that they do in their private lives should not be used against them as long as such acts do not affect others or those around them (White 274). On the other hand, these acts beat the logics of sexual morality. They do not see sexual engagements as unique phenomenon that is only authorise to provide the medium of reproduction or procreation. They defy the holiness that the religious moral emphasize in many occasions. Most of the religious mor

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