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Compare and contrast the way the poets show the problems affecting the :: English Literature

Compare and contrast the way the poets show the problems affecting theculture they are writing about in Nothings Changed and Blessing.Tatamkhulu Afrika, author of Nothings Changed has written aprobably autobiographical poem, where he is revisiting scenes of hischildhood a reflective poem, that is very emotional. The poem set inSouth Africa, illustrates a society where rich and poor are divided.He remembers when he was a boy and the laws, enforced by police thatseparated the whites from the blacks. He has come hindquarters to Cape Townand seen that Nothings changed in the apartheid.Imtiaz Dharker author of Blessing has written a descriptive poem,set in a hot country, where thither is a shortage of water, as told inthe opening lines of the poem where the human skin is compared to aseedpod, drying out till it cracks. The poem is set in India, in avillage where there is poverty. We know that this because firstlythere is a shortage of water, and secondly they live in huts. Consider with al the last line, their small bones. This could mean that there isalso a shortage of food or it can also emphasis the size of the smallchildren. In line 18, when it says and naked children, this alsoshows us that they arouse no clothes or it can emphasise the need ofwater to wash.Tatamkhulu Afrika shows us a society divided between the blacks andthe whites. He also shows the balance between their cultures.District Six is the name of a poor area of Cape Town. This area wasbulldozed as a slum in 1966, but never properly rebuilt. Althoughthere is no sign there, the poet can feel that this is where he isbut my feet know, and my manpower. Similarly the up-market inn (brashwith glass and the bright sign, flaring like a flag, which showsits name) is meant for the white customers only. The whites only innis elegant, with linen tablecloths and a single rose on each table.It is contrasted with the fast food working mans cafe which sellsthe local snack (bunny chows). There is no tablecloth, just aplastic top, and there is nowhere to wash ones hands after eatingwipe your fingers on your jeans. This is all totally different fromthe poem written by Imtiaz Dharker, in which everyone as a communityruns for the water and everyone has a right to the water, (every manwoman child for streets around).There are many religious beliefs in Blessing, as you can seestraight away from the title, which emphasises how devoted the water is

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