Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Journal of Korean Melodrama Christmas in August (1998) Movie Review

Journal of Korean Melodrama Christmas in August (1998) - Movie Review ExampleJung decides and tries his best not to get into a relationship with her all if tear downtually they form one.The film tends to throw away a weak plot only if there is a strong in-depth look at both the characters that the audience can implicitly receive. The audience see and feel how Jung experiences the illness and how he deals with the people during the last days of his life. There is a silence among the members of his family because they are the only ones aware of it. Jung also holds back his emotions when he is with his friends and that is a painful moment. The relationship with Da-rim and Jung is the central focus of this story. Da-rim affects him late and how he responds to her is a beautiful feeling in the film. People often take others for granted but Jungs character gives an emotional sensation to the audience on how painful it is when you know you dont have time.In addition, the interesting thing about this film is that there are not many another(prenominal) dialogues throughout the film. This is a strong point but it may as well start appear to be a negative point as it drags the movie in some scenes. But this proficiency works for the emotional audience as the awkward and meaningful silences bring out the feel between the characters even in scenes when Jung is working alone and there is silence which expresses his isolation, pain, and loneliness.There is another major share in this film which is the subtleness. The audience get a sense that Jung and Da-rim have fallen in enjoy but the film doesnt really show a formal acceptance or solving of their love. Jung would never talk about his illness but it is evident how it is affecting his relationship. The film does not even disclose the actual illness that Jung is going through and thus the movie is subtly explained through the actions and expressions of the characters that have done a great job on screen. This fact may leave the film hold to several interpretations it would also make this film thought

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