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In the struggle for equality, civil partnerships have been viewed as a Essay

In the struggle for equalizeity, obliging partnerships turn out been viewed as a triumph. Do they signify the achievement of full equalit - Essay ExampleThis refers to the spousal relationship amid the two people of the same biological sex or social gender and is legally or socially recognized. The occurrence of the civil partnership between the couple gives them the advantage of similar treatment as well as benefits the same as any married couple (, 2006). Since the early part of the ordinal century, number of countries has begun formalizing same-sex marriage legally by which this has been recognized by some other conservative nations as civil, political, social, and religious issues. The issues regarding the civil partnership or same sex marriages are all near the negate whether the same sex-couples must have the offices of marriage, use different status as stated in the civil unions and be granted the equal rights as of marriage or either limited rights compared to marriage, or non to be given any of the said rights. Many arguments arise regarding the issue between the people that accommodate same-sex marriage and those that are against. An argument that supports same-sex marriage expressed and demands that the reason behind the denial of the same-sex couples legal retrieve to marriage as well as the benefits that it incorporates signifies discrimination that is based on sexual orientation. It is also claim by the supporters that the financial, psychological, and physical comfort and security are improved by marriage which benefitted by the children of the same-sex-couples by being raised by two parents that is legally recognized union (Rosie Harding, 2011). The rejection for the use of the word marriage to be applied to the same-sex couple has also been an argument by those that are against the same-sex marriage, the same as the objections about the status legally and socially of the marriage itself being applied to sa me-sex partners. Other arguments are presented directly and indirectly concerning the consequences of same-sex marriage regarding the parenting and tradition. Pursuit of Equality There was a domino type effect regarding the movement in the same-sex marriage since the 2001 debut in the Netherland. Up to date, its legal status was fully secured in 13 areas of responsibilities inwardly the 3 continents Europe, America and Africa. In Europe, the legalisation of the same-sex marriage was driven by the gays and lesbians to the government as their right that lead the way to the legalization of the same sex marriage. The same pattern was also observe in the US and this step by step approach lead to a positive effect of attaining three prominent milestones which is the decriminalization of homosexuality, anti-discrimination legislation and partnership legislation. At the present, the government is demanding its people to respect and to have the equal treatment among the gays and lesbians a nd certain measures would be given to the transgressors. There should be an equal treatment among everyone in the companionship regardless of the sexual orientation this creates a big question as to why same-sex couples are not enjoying the rights as well as the benefits compared to the married heterosexuals. This issue opens the awareness that attracts suspicion that the treatment to same-sex couples are gage class citizen and definitely under the second-class institution. Therefore, there will only be equality upon the legalization of the same-sex marriage if logically, treatment in all manner of life will be identical (Lee, M.Y.K., 2010). As the arguments

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