Saturday, June 22, 2019

Smith & Falmouth Online Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Smith & Falmouth Online - Essay ExampleThis report describes the current culture at Smith & Falmouth as well as divers(a) controls for organizational performance. In addition, recommendations to better enhance the business are proposed.At Smith & Falmouth, it is a team-oriented organization which relies on sundry(a) professional and technical expertise to accomplish sizeable figures mandated at the strategic level. As a team leader, the Chief Operational Officer acts as the project leader, dictating the activities of various colleagues (at similar levels in the management hierarchy) and subordinate peers. This team-oriented philosophy consists of a leader who directs the activities of the group, demanding compliance and routine reporting on project activities. However, the transformational leadership style, correspond to two specific organizational theorists, involves a leader who also uses actions which are visionary, values-based, emotional, intellectually-stimulating, and char ismatic (Antonakis and Hooijberg, 2008 2). Having a project team leader who can be both(prenominal) the authoritarian and the inspirational leader provides a clear job description for the project leader and demands that the individual in this leadership role maintains the correct difference of personality to accomplish group unity and performance.This is very much a top-down organizational hierarchy where managers of the same level or business term cooperate via means of special projects, typical of many companies today, requiring transformational leadership. Transformational leaders should be more well-versed in psychological theory, as they often have to assess the self-worth of various staff individuals to determine how to involve the individual in group activities and to commit to organizational goals (Avolio and Bass, 2002). The Chief Operations Officer is continuously praised for their dedication to the project and their top executive to coordinate group activities

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