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Rogue Waves Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Rogue Waves - Essay ExampleHowever, author critiques this agentive role as rather unrealistic. Second factor is temporal-spatial focusing which is the result of applying dispersion to a wave group with chirped spatial distribution of frequencies. Author notes that this mechanism corporation work for the forced wavetrains single which can not develop spontaneously. Finally, third factor is non analog focusing which produces solitons and so-called breathers as model representations of rogue waves. About real mechanisms of the rogue waves forming in the unaffixed ocean, author concludes that nobody knows the answer to these questions yet.My Comments This paper images that there are some fields for researches with no direct and clear answers. Real mechanism of the rogue waves forming in the assailable ocean is yet unknown. Existing mathematical models for explanation of these phenomena are refined but not realistic. Indeed, considered mechanisms for the wave energy focusing are ope rable only for narrow sets of cases or for unnatural conditions. Details of mathematical notations (especially in Appendix) were not clear for me.Article Summary This is short but comprehensive introduction to the drug addict/rogue waves phenomenon. It contains well adjusted set of facts and ideas round rogue waves, namely informal definition, brief history of observations with examples, discussion about causes of its origin, typical values of the buy the farm forces, sea conditions that may create (or accompany) freak waves, etc. There are no formulae at all. This article serves as global pattern for the rogue waves enigma whereas numerous articles concentrate upon mathematical details and minor features of this phenomenon. My Comments As for me, this is one of the best articles about rogue waves. Some facts are just amazing. For example, cases from the article show that freak waves greater than 25 meters in height are real and much more common than expected. Obviously, this ph enomenon is far beyond so-called linear model. Than, tangible causes and mechanisms of rogue waves are unknown (cf. previous article). Here, unpredictable freak waves are real miracles of the Nature, not mirages. It is important to distinguish freak waves and tsunamis. Then, article contains tremendous facts about the force of a breaking freak wave. It is about 100 MT/m2 for a 12-meter rogue wave which is much more than for wave in linear model. Article reading was easy and fascinating. Article is highly recommended for any scholar at the beginning stage of studying this phenomenon.Source Proceedings of Rogue Waves 2004 Conference, Brest, France - October 2004. mangle the Internet at http//www.ifremer.fr/web-com/stw2004/rw/fullpapers/haver.pdf Article Name Freak waves a suggested definition and possible consequences for marine structures.

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