Thursday, March 14, 2019

Bowens Family Systems :: Psychology

The purpose of this paper is to explain using Bowens family systems framework, howan single(a)s take aim of preeminence and anguish influence family relationships andstrengths. Bowens family systems theory addresses how patterns of interaction in thefamily of origin influence a couples interaction in the next generation with their fryren. Bowen describes the differences in family cognitive process, by the score of solicitudeor the degree of differentiation within the family. Bowens definition of differentiationof self as a persons ability to differentiate intellectual functioning ( thinking ), fromfeelings. The level of differentiation of self is determined in the family of origin. Whenan unmarried has an increased level of differentiation, he has a clear sense of his admitidentity. A persons intellectual functioning helps behavior to be rational, littleimpulsive, more(prenominal) in pendant and autonomous. These individuals have good problemsolving techniques, and are less influenced by others. As differentiation of self increases,levels of anxiety decrease. As anxiety goes up, differentiation goes down. A childsdifferentiation of self develops around an emotional system. With a high level ofanxiety, functioning is impulsive, rather than rational. Individuals with a low level ofdifferentiation, develop dependent and emotionally fused relationships. Theseindividuals are more dependent on others. Their sense of self is clouded, and they dontdevelop a clear identity. Their feelings and thoughts are fused, and they express apseudoself rather than their true opinions. Families whose members have increased levels of differentiation and falllevels of anxiety, they will be rational and cognitive in their ship canal of relating to otherfamily members, and more effective with problem solving skills. They will get word to clearlycommunicate their views or beliefs. They will have healthier relationships. Anindividual with an increased level of differentiat ed self , will allow their child to be theirown person, and express himself openly. This leads to a well adjusted mugwump adolescent, with flexible problem solving skills, and an increased level of goalorientation. Families with decreased levels of differentiation and increased anxiety with in the

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