Sunday, March 24, 2019

Richard II: His Dramatic Downfall Essay -- Literary Analysis, Shakespe

Shakespeares forges were sort into three categories comedies, tragedies and histories. The histories were those plays based on the lives of English queens. Shakespeare was one of the first drop a liners to write about English history. According to Garber, before Shakespeares time at that place were few history plays such written in England--- England history was told in verse and prose chronicles (239). Its considered that Richard II is one of the early historical plays. The play became so iconic that even Queen Elizabeth said that she was Richard the second, earthage ye non that. Richard II tells the story about a kings downfall. Richard II is non your average king. He is useless with his power and does not know how to use it. He is the king of England when the play begins besides shortly by and by his kingship is taken away from him. Richard II is a young man who has not matured oftentimes since his adolescence. He is disconnected from his land and its people, wh ich becomes one of the downfalls of his crown. He has an extraordinary flair for poetic language. He is witty and poetic disposition doesnt work with his higher calling in life. A king should be strong and fearless. King Richard II is not a man of action and as the play advances, he gets into more and more trouble. As his end approaches, he becomes very poetic. Like most Shakespearean heroes, Richard II has a strong theatrical personality. He the likes ofs putting on a show and enjoys a bit of wordplay, even at his own expense. What sets him obscure from other Shakespearean characters is the perverse joy he takes in his downfall. on that point are many tragic events that lead to Richards downfall and so lost of his crown. The most important one was that he basically didnt ... ...n moral and royal principles. By the end of this play, its clear that Richard has in all questioned the concept of worshipful right wing and when he has to shed his crown and change form over England to his enemy, he dramatically states Throw away respect, Tradition, form, and ceremonious trading For you have but mistook me all this while. I live with bread like you, feel want, Taste grief, need friends. (3.3.172-76). Just because Richard as a divine right to be the King doesnt mean that he is the right choice to accomplished the requirement of what it takes to be a great king. Richard was lacking(p) on the will power of a leader. His downfall was his fault in the sense that he couldnt concentrate to see what he was doing to his component part as a ruler. He failed as a leader but at the same time he gain sometime much better than a crown, Richard gain the understanding of who he is.

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