Friday, March 15, 2019

The Two Towers :: essays research papers

The Lord of the put off The Two TowersFrodo and surface-to-air missile lower down on an elf rope, Sam isnt very good in that and drops a piece of bread. When Frodo attempt to catch it he fell down. It didnt hurt him because there were notwithstanding a few more meters. During the night they caught Gollum who wanted them to give him the ring of Power. Sam thought that Gollum unaccompanied want to kill them, but Frodo knew that the creature Gollum was the person Smagol a long time ago. In the lands of Rohan Aragorn, Gimbly and Ligulas were meddlesome for natty and Pippin. In the morning a red sun came up, which specify that someone died. A few minutes later they proverb a group of horsemen. They let them pass and then they asked if they had seen the two. The cousin of the king, who is the leader of the group, told them that they saw a troop Uruk Hais and that they had killed them. The elf, the man and the dwarf were given two horses. later on in the Fangorn wood they tried to skirmish against the white wizard, but he is too strong. Shortly after that he showed them his true face. They couldnt thought their eyes it was Gandalf. He told them that Merry and Pippin were saved and that he would go to the detonating device of Rohan. The king wasnt able to do what he wants when they arrived. Gandalf helped him and the king by dint of his adviser out of his lands because he had a black character. The king intractable to go to Helms Clam, where his nation should be saved. Gandalf didnt have the same effect and ridded away. On the way there they were attacked by War riders. In the fight Aragorn fell into a river. The kings adviser arrived in Isengard and told Saruman about the plan of the king. With this cultivation Saruman sent his troops to Helms Clam.Merry and Pippin were in the middle of a abundant wood with an Ent. The Ent made a Enting to decide if the two were orcs or if they be from Auenland. But M and P wanted him to fight against the dark si de. His only answer was that the Ents had never fought a war. The Ents didnt want to fight, but Merry and Pippin pleased them to bring them to Isengard.

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