Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Over Coming Fear

General Purpose To pro trial Specific Purpose To inform my audience of the fiver characteristics that en adequate oceanics to everywherecome fear. Central Idea thither argon five characteristics of the ocean Corps that help Marines overcome fears. debut M any Marines do not like to admit when they are scared. nigh dont ever show emotion. But everyone gets scared at some point in their life. It could be something as simple as getting a passing grade on a test or assignment.It could be as extreme as being map of an elite squad of ground pounding Marines who are getting congeal to kick in doors or go in to rescue a sniper squad that has been pinned down by enemy fire. How do you think you would aroma? Scared? Maybe a little intimidated? Heart move maybe? Today I am going to inform you or so the Marine Corps Principles for overcoming fear. I testament describe and identify for you, the five characteristics that enable Marines to overcome fear every day. Those virtues are dis cipline, want, Esprit de Corps, morale, and proficiency.Discipline over the years has acquired at least three different meanings punishment, obedience, and self-control. 1 yield you ever been in a situation that you knew you were doing something wrong, but you decided to do it anyway? Did you ever hear that little voice in the natural covering of your head asking you What if you get caught? What will this do for your future if you do get caught? Military discipline is no different than that of any major(ip) sport, or at a university academically. If you do something that disrupts the good order of the system, in that location will be repercussions.There are several forms of punishment in the U. S. Marine Corps, ranging from an informal counseling to being dishonorably discharged for your actions. bowing among military personnel is a publication of the training that they incur accepted throughout their careers. You do not want to become blindly tractable and closed minded i n the Marine Corps. Doing such may result in the carrying out of improper or illegal orders. 2 adjust obedience implies exercising discipline as an active thinking role player and using proper judgment to determine if a situation is justified. self-will is doing what is right even when no one is watching. You need to be able to control your emotions in situations that may cause a normal soul to panic. Fear is the enemy of discipline. 3 Using self-control will forget you to harness your fear and channel that emotion towards accomplishing the mission at hand. * passageway Along with discipline, proficiency as a Marine is required for any member of the Marine Corps to accomplish their specific tasks. Proficiency is define as the technical, tactical and physical ability of the soulfulnesss in a whole to accomplish a given mission. existence proficient in your MOS is to have what to do how to do it the right way and knowing how to solve a situation should a problem arise. Being proficient as a Marine, involves showing that you batch accomplish the basic operating procedures required. Transition Being proficient in your job as a Marine rifleman as well as your MOS, can give you the motivation to go supra and beyond what is expected of you. Motivation can be described as wanting to set and achieve the senior highest goals possible.Wanting to get a consummate score on a PFT is an example of wanting to uphold the high standards set by the Marine Corps. Using fear as motivation to accomplish your task is a perfect example of self-control. Transition They are faced with impossible odds, and I have no valid antecedent to substantiate it, but I have a heart they will halt the enemy. I realize my expression of hope is unsound, but these Marines have the swagger, confidence, and hardness that must have been in Stonewall Jacksons Army of the Shenandoah. 4 Esprit de Corps is present when units show a degree of pride, vigor, and gumption. Have a strong competitiv e spirit with other Marines. Training with other Marines to break one another, shows competitiveness, cohesion, and helps you become more proficient as a Marine enabling you to overcome your fear of any task or situation. come on pride in the history of the Corps and observe its many traditions. 1. victorious a walk through the National Museum of the Marine Corps and mmersing yourself in our history and learning about those that came before you can strengthen the esprit de corps within yourself. 2. Observation of traditions such as the Marine Corps natal day shows your recognition of the important role Marines have played in forming the linked States of America into the country it is today. Transition While esprit de corps shows the enthusiasm the unit expresses for the Marine Corps, morale depends on a Marines attitude towards everything that affects them. Morale is an individuals state of mind.High morale gives the Marine a feeling of confidence and well-being that enables the m to face hardship with courage, endurance, and determination. 6 Indicators of morale can be either positive or negative Personal behavior and hygiene. Motivation during training. A request for transfer. The usage and abuse of drugs and alcohol. 7 digest By demonstrating these five aspects which are discipline, motivation, esprit de corps, morale, and proficiency, you are showing yourself and others how to overcome the breastwork of fear.As a Marine you need to be able to start others while being able to control your fear. By channeling your emotions, you will convalesce it easier to accomplish the mission at hand. Fear is not an option it is a crutch the weak use to lean upon. We as Marines are not weak. References 1. MCRP 6-11b W_CH 1 Marine Corps determine A Users ask for discussion leaders. Apendix E page 15-45 Foundations of leadership. dissever one. 2. MCRP 6-11b W_CH 1 Marine Corps determine A Users Guide for discussion leaders. Apendix E page 15-45 Foundations of le adership. paragraph two 3.MCRP 6-11b W_CH 1 Marine Corps Values A Users Guide for discussion leaders. Apendix E page 15-46 Foundations of leadership. paragraph one 4. MCRP 6-11b W_CH 1 Marine Corps Values A Users Guide for discussion leaders. this kind of war, t. r. Fehrenback page 12-37 5. MCRP 6-11b W_CH 1 Marine Corps Values A Users Guide for discussion leaders. page 21-36 paragraph two 6. MCRP 6-11b W_CH 1 Marine Corps Values A Users Guide for discussion leaders. page 15-8 subparagraph A 7. MCRP 6-11b W_CH 1 Marine Corps Values A Users Guide for discussion leaders. page 15-8 paragraph 2

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