Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Story of a Different Hour :: Essays Papers

The Story of a Different mo Mrs. Millard just found out that Mr. Millard was killed in a tragic take wreck. Because of a feel condition, Josephine (Mrs. Millards sister) was hesitant to tell her what happened. Richard (Mr. Millards good friend) was also in that respect to comfort the newly widowed Mrs. Millard. Josephine was concerned for her sister. To everyone?s surprise Mrs. Millard was kind of joyful rather than devastated of the tragic news or so her husband. ? reposition Free Free?, ?Free Body and free soul?. Everyone was a cow chip confused, why Louise was jumping for joy when she just received that her husband passed absent few minutes ago. Something smells fishy in this story and who really is Richard? Is he a good friend of Mr. Millard or he is a lover of Louise?.. Well, we will modify some sentences in this story. We all knew what happened in the end. Mrs. Millard was having the period of her life because she just found out that her husband just died. Was Lo uise blessed because of the hefty insurance money that her husband left her? We can?t tell. So as the door was being opened by a latchkey everyone ran through the long stair case and found ?Brently Millard who entered, a pocket-sized travel-stained, composedly carrying his grip-sack and umbrella?, then Louise was so flabbergasted that she had a heart attack and eventually died. In my opinion the story could use a better ending than Louise dying at the end of the story. If only Chopin talked to me about this story before she published it in 1894 it would probably be a little different. We left of where before Brently opened the door. After Brently died, Louise was alone in her huge plantation. She asked Josephine to move in with her because she can?t bear to be alone any longer. One day Richard dropped by to check on Louise and to drop the title of the house, Richard is a prominent lawyer nowadays.Richard stayed for supper, and Louise told him ?

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